If You're Grieving Over A Loved One, These Quotes Will Help You Heal & Find Yourself Again

If You're Grieving Over A Loved One, These Quotes Will Help You Heal & Find Yourself Again

Losing someone you love forever is beyond painful. The grief that comes with loss is unbearable and it feels like the pain is never going to end. It feels impossible to open up to someone and to talk to them about the void in your life. 

At times like these, words and affirmations are the only things that comfort us. Because some words can truly understand exactly how we feel and put it in words. It makes us feel like there is someone who has gone through the same and we don't feel so alone in our hurt. 

And as for moving on, and finding yourself again, that can be tough. Sometimes, you just need a little time to yourself and get away from everything - the memories, the moments and the people!

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So, if you're someone who is going through this phase, we're sorry for your loss and we hope that today, these quotes will truly help you heal and recover through the grief that losing someone has caused you.

1. You can move forward and evolve!

 1. Quotes for Grief-move forward and evolve

2. There's nothing better than penning down your emotions!

2. Quotes for Grief-Tears Are words that need to be wrtten

3. 'Birds of sorrow don't always have to last till tomorrow'

3. Quotes for Grief- Birds of sorrow

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4. Your loved ones are connected by heartstrings into infinity.

4. Quotes for Grief- Hearstrings into infinity

5. Life actually goes on...

5. Quotes for Grief- Life actually goes on

6. You are not alone, my friend

6. Quotes for Grief- we are not alone

7. Let it all in...

7. Quotes for Grief- Embrace beauty and life

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8. You can never escape these certainties in life!

8. Quotes for Grief- Death and bereavement

9. Officially, missing you!

9. Quotes for Grief- I love you everyday

10. Don't divert from grief, just wait...

10. Quotes for Grief- Grief is fresh

11. Tears are the mark of power, not weakness!

11. Quotes for Grief- Sacredness in tears

12. Grief is a way to remake your life!

12. Quotes for Grief- Grief comes in two parts

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13. We keep this love in this photograph, we made these memories for ourselves...

13. Quotes for Grief- This is what I like about photographs

Time will heal, repair you and make you feel whole and find yourself all over again!

While you heal, pen down your emotions rather write things, things that you're grateful for on this POPxo Gratitude Journal. Because even through all the pain and sorrow there's always something to be grateful for!

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