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#BeautyDiaries: What Happened When I Shaved My Eyebrow OFF!

#BeautyDiaries: What Happened When I Shaved My Eyebrow OFF!

I've had bold, thick eyebrows for as long as I can recall. In school, I was always the butt of all jokes because of my unibrow. My mom wouldn't let me shape my brows until college (*facepalm*) but that only made me more curious. 

One day, I decided to take matters into my own hands. When my mom wasn't home, I locked myself up in the bathroom and reached for her razor. I slowly began with my forehead, then moved the left brow - it worked like a charm and wasn't painful one bit. The moment I moved to my right brow, my phone randomly started ringing and I lost focus. In a haste, I shaved off my right eyebrow. A thousand things went through my mind as I stared into the mirror.

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More than my eyebrow not being there, I was worried about what my mom would say. I knew I'd get a shout! It would only be a matter of time until she found out. That time, the 14-year-old me was too innocent to pull off a lie. As soon as mom came home, I hugged her and wept bitterly. I thought she'd get mad but she didn't. She comforted me, reached out to her makeup pouch and handed me a brow liner.

Since I had no idea how to use a brow pencil, she taught me from scratch how to line my brows. Obviously, people at school took notice, but I tried my best to hide my blunder with my fringe. It was 2 weeks of awkwardness, I tell you. However, I'm fortunate that my brows grew soon. The growth was little, but it was enough to save me from answering those weird questions again. 

I eventually got my rid of my unibrow and over time, embraced my bushy brows for what they are. Bold brows are the IT trend right now! I'm so glad that I don't even have to try to make my brows stand out.

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