Beauty 101: Cheat Your Way To Perfect Eyebrows - At Home!

Beauty 101: Cheat Your Way To Perfect Eyebrows - At Home!
Ladies, we all know this: our eyebrows can really make a difference to how our face looks - perfectly groomed brows definitely help us look polished and fabulous. But, what’s a girl got to do in between threading appointments? Because, really, who has the time to run to the parlour every damn week? But here’s the thing - you don’t have to ignore those extra strands that pop up and have your brows looking less than amazing till your next parlour trip - just refer to this cheat sheet instead. Here’s how to get your eyebrows looking perfect at home!


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1. Brush Away

How To Get Perfect Eyebrows

You can use a brow brush or a clean mascara wand to brush your brows for a groomed appearance and to tame messy brows. Make sure to brush upwards and in the direction of the hair growth. Sweep on some clear mascara to help keep them in place. This can also help you spot strays, which you can pluck.

2. Oil Them

Yup, we’re not kidding - your mane isn’t the only thing you can oil! Applying almond, olive or castor oil to your brows help them grow better and thicker. It also keeps them conditioned and healthy. Trust us!

3. Clean Them Up

How To Get Perfect Eyebrows

You don’t necessarily have to go around with untidy brows and visible stray hairs in between those threading appointments. Despite what your parlour lady might say, there’s no harm in plucking a few extra hairs with your tweezers. Just make sure to carefully remove any extra hairs around your brows and not from your actual shape. (You know you’re dying to pluck out that annoying little stray right at the centre of your brow anyway!)

4. Concealer To The Rescue

Another trick for more defined brows is to dab some concealer along the brow bone with your fingers as well as above your brow, right above the arch. Not only does this help cover up tiny stray hairs, it helps accentuate your eyebrows and makes them look cleaner.

5. Fake Thicker Brows

How To Get Perfect Eyebrows

If you have sparse or thin brows, or visible gaps between stands, then all you need is a good brow pencil to make them look perfect. Get one in brown in a shade that is a couple of tones lighter than your original brow colour, and fill in. Use it to give you a more defined shape by drawing thin lines and smudging. Once you’ve outlined your desired shape, fill it in with an eyeshadow closest to your natural shade and blend it all in. A harsh black pencil or drawing definite lines will make it look fake, so be careful. Try the NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil in dark brown.

6. Light Them Up

This is a super-simple trick to really make your brows stand out. Just take your highlighting pen and apply it along your brow bone (just under your eyebrows). This helps accentuate your eyebrows and brings a gorgeous glow to the area around it. It’s got to be one of our favourite makeup moves! We like the Ultraflesh Highlighting Pen for this.

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