Brow Chica Wow: These Bollywood Celebs Have Eyebrows On Fleek

Brow Chica Wow: These Bollywood Celebs Have Eyebrows On Fleek

We hear so much about brows these days! From types of eyebrows to what your brow shape says about your personality and the right way to fill your brows… the list goes on. And of course, there are multiple eyebrow powders, pencils, mascaras, you name it! It’s clear then that having your eyebrow game strong is of utmost importance. Ladies, only once you begin to fill out your brows do you realise how much of a difference it makes to your entire look. The kind of definition good brows can give your face is something you could get used to, girl! And who better to take inspiration from than our Bollywood divas? Here are some of them who are slaying and winning all the brow(nie) points!

1. Brow Queen

1 eyebrows

Image: Instagram

She’s not only ruling the movie world but acing the brow game too! The well filled in eyebrows are working wonderfully for her entire look, if you ask us.

2. Sharp And Edgy

2 eyebrows

Image: Instagram

Short yet sharp and well shaped, Jacqueline’s brows are quite eye-catching, aren’t they? Thick in the beginning and thinned out ends - show the photo to your parlour lady already!

3. Bush It Up

3 eyebrows

Image: Instagram

Who thought the bushy brow look could look so amazing? Thanks to Alia Bhatt, you can even take undone brows to the red carpet.

4. Go Long

4 eyebrows

Image: Instagram

Long and broad is the way Sonam likes her brows and we love that too. It gives a more angular finish to her face and who doesn’t like that, right?

5. That Arch Though

5 eyebrows

Image: Instagram

Yes, even we stopped and stared at those brows for a while. That arch and the precision with which they’re filled in - well, we wouldn’t change a thing about this look!

6. Sleek Chic

6 eyebrows

Image: Instagram

At a time when all Bollywood divas are pulling off the thick brow look, Malaika prefers slightly more sleek eyebrows. Perfectly arched and not-too-bold - she’s pulling this off beautifully!

7. Bold And The Beautiful!

7 eyebrows

Image: Instagram

She might be a newbie in the film industry, but she sure knows how to impress all with her beauty looks. Those brows are the right thickness and filled in to the T! We’re definitely taking some beauty tips from Janhavi!

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