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#BeautyDiaries: Why I Stopped Getting My Eyebrows Done…

#BeautyDiaries: Why I Stopped Getting My Eyebrows Done…

I remember when I got my eyebrows done by a professional for the very first time. I was in high school and at that time it felt like one of the most adult things I could do! Since then it became a regular thing, until last year, when I fell ill and couldn’t manage to visit to the salon for the longest time. I was too unwell to care about my bushy brows.
One afternoon, my cousin sister came home to meet the sick me and the first thing she said to me was, “Ohhhh I love your eyebrows!! Going the Cara Delevingne way??” She almost jumped on me with excitement. I gave her a puzzled look and a sheepish smile. I couldn’t quite figure out what she liked about these dark, overgrown eyebrows of mine. Later that day I looked into the mirror and cringed a little thanks to my thick brows, they had never been this big since the first time I got them done. I made up my mind that I would go to the salon as soon as possible and get them back in shape - sharp, slender and flawless arched eyebrows. Also read: #BeautyDiaries: What Happened When I Let My Friends Cut My Hair A couple of days later, I finally made it to the salon. I met the beloved person who had been doing my brows since forever and greeted him with a huge smile. He smiled back at me and before I could say anything he surprised me by saying, “Woww! What have you done to your brows? They look too good!” There was a girl standing besides him who stared at me for a few seconds and told him, “Please do something and make my brows like hers!” This was another big surprise. By now I was sure that either these people had gone mad or there was actually something nice about my bushy brows. Internal - I stopped getting my eyebrows done It took me a good 10-15 minutes to convince him to thread off my brows and bring them to their usual self again. So there I was in the chair, I closed my eyes and stretched with both my hands. I was anticipating a lot of pain because I knew that it was going to be a real task to tame those overgrown brows. In my head I was constantly repeating “no pain, no gain!”
I was again taken by surprise when, just a few minutes later, he told me that he was done! He didn’t thread my brows, he just pulled out a few extra strands around them and retained their natural shape!! I rolled my eyes at him and signaled him to make them thinner, but he was reluctant to do so. Trusting his experience, I gave in and came back home. Also read: #BeautyDiaries: What I Use Instead Of Face Wash For Clear Skin! Initially I wasn’t too confident about the way they looked, but I thought there’s no harm in trying this bold-brow-look for sometime. Gradually I became used to my new look and somehow started liking my clean but not-so-well-defined eyebrows. From my mom to my boss to my friends - almost all the women in my life (and some men too, for that matter) noticed this change in my appearance and everyone had only nice things to say about it. Some of them even got inspired and stopped getting their brows done, and guess what, they can’t stop thanking me! Well, now it’s been almost a year and I’m still in love with my bold and thick brows. I feel they have balanced out my long face, decked up with sharp features, in a wonderful way and by no means do they look unruly and unkempt. And the best part is that I no longer have to make those endless trips to the parlour to keep them in shape. I just pluck out the extra, stray hair that grows around them every two months or so. Life definitely has become way more easy and my brow game way more strong!
Published on Aug 27, 2016
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