15 Well-Kept Secrets Of Highly Sexual Couples (Get Ready To Take Notes!)

15 Well-Kept Secrets Of Highly Sexual Couples (Get Ready To Take Notes!)

If you've ever been in a long-term relationship, you know that keeping the magic alive is a task. It is difficult to not settle in a routine and get complacent. The same goes for your sex life as well. Keeping the spark alive, like it was at the beginning of the relationship where all you wanted to do was tear each other's clothes, is a hard task. But, there are some tried and tested tips that can go a long, long way to make sure the magic never leaves the bedroom. So here are 15 secrets of couples with amazing sex lives. Girl, take note!

1. Make Time For Sex

It's like working out. The more sex you have, the more sex you'll feel like having. If you're out of practice or let yourself go and stop having sex, it'll take you a while to realise something is missing. And trust us when we say this, sex is an important part of a relationship. It is a raw, primal way to connect with your partner. 

1 couples who have amazing sex

2. Try New Things

This should be taught in every sex-ed class after all the important things are taught. Would you be okay eating pizza every day for the rest of your life even if you loved pizza more than life itself? No, you wouldn't. Then why do you think it is okay to have sex in that one position all the time? Switch things up, surprise yourself and try something new!

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3. No Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Ma'am

Don't try to get in and out in five minutes. Foreplay has to be the most underrated thing about sex. Spend some time on the erogenous zones like ears, neck, nipples or thighs. Your soldier does not need to conquer the land, he can take his time and explore around. Remember the scene in Friends where Monica is teaching Chandler about the importance of foreplay? Well if you haven't, go back and watch Season 4, episode 11.

4. Laugh A Little

It's sex, not your mathematics exam. Do not take it so seriously. Just chill out and relax a little. Also, human bodies are awkward and unpredictable so there are some embarrassing things bound to happen during sex. Take it in your stride, in fact, laugh at yourself. It is such an aphrodisiac and suddenly makes everything hotter!

4 habits of couples who have amazing sex

5. Spend Time Away From Each Other

You know how they say familiarity breeds contempt? Well, it's not so extreme when it comes to sex but when you are in each other's presence too much, some of the magic just disappears. So spend some time apart - on your hobbies, with your friends or doing something that does not involve your better half. It'll make you want to run into their arms as soon as you meet them because you gave each other a chance to miss the other person.

6. Break The Routine

Do you end up having sex every alternate day right before falling asleep? See how boring that sounds. Instead of doing it by the clock on certain days why don't you do something naughty for a change? Maybe a session of morning sex before you two leave for office or shower sex once you're back. How does that sound instead?

7. Know Each Other's Preferences

Some people love dirty talk, some like to be touched a certain way and some are all about role-play. Each person's sexual preference is different and it is very important to know your partner's. This way you can make them feel sexy and wanted by playing out things the way they'd like. Another thing to remember is to never shame them for what they like.

7 habits of couples who have amazing sex

8. Move Out Of The Bedroom...

...to the kitchen, the dining area, a parking lot or perhaps a movie hall. There is no rule when it comes to where you can have sex (I mean there are laws but just don't get caught)! We've all done something forbidden sometimes and the accompanying adrenaline rush has made it possibly one of our best decisions ever. So go ahead, grab your man, literally! *Wink*

9. Mood Settings Can Do Wonders

Sexy music, lingerie, dim lights or candles may seem cliche but boy, can they change the sex game altogether. Even sex toys add another dimension in the bedroom. So go ahead, be a little cliche and do all those things.

10. Compliment Each Other

Sex is just as much as being desirable to your man or woman as it is about pleasure. But as time passes, we forget to show our appreciation for each other's bodies. It may sound shallow but everyone loves to be complimented. So tell your partner they're sexy and you want to do them every minute of every day and watch how it changes everything in the bedroom.

10 habits of couples who have amazing sex

11. Help Yourself

Lending yourself a hand (if you know what I mean,) may put you on Santa's naughty list but it will make you and your partner very happy! If you don't explore your body and know your way around it, how do you expect someone else to know it? 

12. Less Expectations Means More Satisfaction

Expect less from your partner and that'll automatically give you more satisfaction. Sex is about the journey, not the destination. So it is possible, especially for women, to not orgasm every time but if you enjoy what is happening, it'll not matter.

13. Work Through The Issues

Instead of ignoring, acknowledge the elephant in the room. You cannot have the same sex drive all your life. External factors may play a huge role in it but if you talk to your partner and are willing to work through it, sex will win!

13 habits of couples who have amazing sex

14. Ask For Feedback

No matter what you like to believe, you aren't perfect. Your sex moves may not be so amazing and you might not have nailed the skills. So, ask your partner for constructive criticism. Let them guide you and tell you what they actually like instead of you assuming on their behalf. 

15. Have More Sex On A Vacay

This should be a rule for couples all over the world, no matter how long you've been together! All couples need to have sex more than usual on a vacay - maybe even twice a day. It'll do you more good than well, less sex! 

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