Morning Sex Is The Best Thing To Happen To A Couple, Here's Why!

Morning Sex Is The Best Thing To Happen To A Couple, Here's Why!

Sex is sex. There is nothing better than sex (except maybe a night of pizza and Netflix). It's that one thing that can totally change the game and the relationship. But you know what's the best kind of sex? Morning sex! The feeling of waking up next to your favourite person, after cuddling all night long, only to indulge in a steamy session. It leaves you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world!

1. It'll make your day

You'll spend the rest of the day randomly smiling about how you started your day. If the beginning is as amazing as sex, would you want to stop ever? The answer is a simple no!

1 morning sex

2. Hormones, baby!

Don't we all know that having sex releases oxytocin and dopamine, the feel-good hormones? It's going to make sure you stay happy, all day long!

3. Your morning workout 

With morning sex, you've successfully eliminated the need for a trip to the gym. The workout you need is happening right there in your bedroom. Enjoy those sore muscles. *Wink*

4. He'll last longer

A man's testosterone levels are the highest right in the morning after he's just woken up. That means not only will he be at his horniest, he'll also last long! 

4 morning sex

5. Coffee, what coffee?

When you have sex to wake you up from a deep slumber, caffeine really isn't required. The post-sex glow will give you more energy than anything else!

6. You don't have to work extra hard...

... at removing clothes. Your clothes are already off and it'll take you minimal effort to get started. No fumbling around to remove your clothes!

7. You can shower together

Once you're done with the sex, you can totally have a bath together (maybe more sex in there as well) and make up for the time you spent in bed!

7 morning sex

8. There is nothing more spontaneous

Morning sex may come with issues like morning breath but is there anything more spontaneous than waking up in the morning and getting right to it? Umm, no!

9. No better proof of love

The fact that you want to do each other sober (LOL!) and all the time, whether it's morning or night, is proof enough that the spark is alive in your relationship!

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