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8 Last Minute DIY Gifts You Can Make For Your Boyfriend To Say 'I Love You'

8 Last Minute DIY Gifts You Can Make For Your Boyfriend To Say 'I Love You'

Got a relationship anniversary coming up? His birthday? Or just want to make your boyfriend feel special? We've got some easy and adorable DIY gifts that you can surprise him with. It won't take long to make them, so even if it's last minute, these gifts will look amazing. Assemble your feelings because it's time to show him how much you love him!

1. A Box Full Of Love

box of love

Just a simple box full of cute letters or compliments to make him feel good about himself. Tell him why you love him, why he makes you happy and content. You can use an old cardboard box and wrap it in a gift wrapper or recycle your vanity case!

2. Survival Kit

chocolate kit

Going on a vacation and he's going to be all alone? Make sure he doesn't miss you too much with this cute survival kit. You can add his favourite chocolates, snacks, video games and cute stationery to the gift basket. 

3. Deck Of Love

deck of cards

This one is the easiest, just pick a deck of playing cards and start writing on the empty side of it. The text could be small things about him that make you smile or just a bunch of jokes to make him feel better, this DIY works either way. 

4. Say It With A Frame

diy frame

Pick up an empty frame, your favourite photo with bae and write him a love letter! Easy and effective. You can update the picture every anniversary and maybe add a few more quotes to the frame. 

5. Love Coupons

love coupons

Love coupons are so underrated! You can make a book of coupons from layouts available online for printout and personalize it. From unlimited cuddles, breakfast in bed to getting out of a fight, the coupons can be redeemed anytime. 

6. Kisses Overload

mason jars

Mason jars always look cute, so add a personalised sticker and put in some Hersheys to sweeten up his day. You could slip this into his bag and wait for him to be surprised when he finds it later!

7. Open When... Love Letters

open when love letters

A format that gives you the freedom to tell him how you feel about him, in any situation. "Open when you're angry with me" to "Open when you need to know how much I love you." 

8. Frame Your Memories

polaroid frame

Step one - get a cute polaroid camera, Step two - take adorable pictures of your boyfriend, Step 3 - add it to an empty frame, Step 4 - watch him smile wide! A great way to savour the memories you've made. 

Images: Pinterest, Youtube

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Published on Aug 19, 2018
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