Hey Newlyweds, Here’s How You Can Handle Those Extremely Awkward First Night Questions!

Hey Newlyweds, Here’s How You Can Handle Those Extremely Awkward First Night Questions!

What's the scariest thing about marriage? I mean other than making a decision that will obviously change your life forever. The first night, guys! It is awkward for obvious reasons for couples who haven't known each other for too long or those who are still virgins. But it can also be awkward for couples who have been together forever. And that's because of the questions you are swamped with from family and friends all ready to tease you and your husband.

But don't you worry, here are five ways you can handle those very awkward first-night questions. You know those "kaisa tha" "kya kiya tum dono ne" "kaisi thi raat". Yep!

1. Act coy and use that 'shy bride' card to your advantage

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If your in-laws or somebody older asks you how the night was, you obviously cannot dish out the dirty secrets and a sassy comeback is a big no-no. So your go-to reaction can be donning the avatar of the shy bride. Just smile, tilt your head down or defer the question to your husband, the balls in his court!

2. Distract with a compliment

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This one ALWAYS works whatever the situation may be. As soon as some extended family relative asks, "So how was last night?" just say a quick "it was okay" and come up with a compliment like how much you loved their outfit or how they were the star dancer of the sangeet night. You can even follow it up with a question like- did you all have a good night's rest after the ceremony? Trust us, there's no better way to dodge a question!

3. Dish out all the deets and pass the awkward ball back to them

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It's like a game of who can make whom awkward first, so get out all the details and share them like a besharam. Say, "Aunty-ji everything was great, it's just that like most men, even this one didn't care if I finished or not, as long as he was done, we're done!" Just the look on everyone's face will be priceless. Warning: Try this one at your own risk!

4. A pocketful of sassy comebacks

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Bring out that badass bitch bride in you and be ready with some sassy comebacks. When your friend asks you how was last night be like- my night was good but seems like yours didn't have a happy ending that's why you're interested in mine. You can also go with- it was terrible, I had a nightmare that you would ask me this question.  

5. Keep a friend on duty to fake call you when you're in this sticky situation

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If you really are shy of answering this question especially when it's your in-laws or parents, get a friend to be on guard around you. If you're getting ready for the reception party along with everyone and someone asks you- "Toh beta kya kya shaitaniyan ki last night?!" just signal to her and she can call out to you with some 'important work that just can't wait'. This works every time, ladies!

So hey, do the boom-boom at night, you know how to nail the next morning! 😉

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