21 Crazy Thoughts EVERY Bride Has Before Her ‘First Night’!

21 Crazy Thoughts EVERY Bride Has Before Her ‘First Night’!
Your wedding day is coming closer and so is the wedding night! It doesn’t matter whether it is an arranged or a love marriage, there is always bound to be some kind of nervousness! And girl,  if this is going to be your first time, be prepared for all the advice coming your way from the ‘experienced’ sisters and friends. So brides-to-be, as you battle all that excitement, here are a few totally crazy thoughts that we’re sure you’ll have…just before the wedding night!

1. Today is my wedding night!

1 wedding night

2. I hope I don’t look fat?!

3. Will it hurt?3 wedding night

4. Do I have to sit on the bed wearing a ghunghat and wait for him?

5. Or carry milk for him?

5 wedding night

6. What if I am tired and not in a mood? Will he be hurt?

7. I hope I don’t go off to sleep!

7 wedding night

8. How will all these clothes come off?

9. My lehenga has so much can-can!

9 wedding night

10. Are we going to spend the night taking out my hair pins?

11. Oh shit! I have to face aunties with naughty smiles tomorrow and those “How was the night?” questions.

11 wedding night

12. I hope he likes the lingerie I have specially bought!

13. Can I make up an excuse for tonight?

13 wedding night

14. Is the bed decorated like it is in the movies?

15. Who makes the first move?

15 wedding night

16. I hope he uses a condom. He better!

17. And will there be white bed sheets?

17 wedding

18. I hope he doesn’t snore.

19. Will the elders look at me and start dreaming of grandchildren the next day?

19 wedding


21. Now even my parents will know that I’ve had sex!

20 wedding

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