9 Insta Accounts To Follow That Are All The Inspiration You Need To Eat Healthy

9 Insta Accounts To Follow That Are All The Inspiration You Need To Eat Healthy

Eating healthy and working out has kind of become the deal of the day. With Instagram and social media creating such a buzz around eating delicious foods but with a heathier twist, even people who are strictly against dieting can follow this. So if you live to eat or even if you eat to live, look no further cause you'll be foodgasming right through this article.

We've curated a list of the healthiest Instagram accounts who promote plant-based diets, meat-based delicacies and even desserts made with cleaner ingredients so that you can follow them and start living that fitter life. 

Disclaimer: You better grab yourself a snack cause this is surely gonna make your mouth water!

1. SproutedKitchen

Sprouted kitchen documents everything in her life, family, fun and food, well mostly food. She's also an author of a book on healthy eating and prepares insanely amazing looking dishes. You'll be inspired to pair combinations you haven't thought of before from her and boy will they be yummy!

2. FitMenCook

This page is specially made for those of you who like to complement their fitness routine with a well-powered gym session. Kevin keeps giving tips and hacks on what to eat when and how to eat it. Though for him, fitness is a life-long journey he believes that it shouldn't be at the expense of eating bland and tasteless food. So he's always creating a storm with nutricious alternatives of burgers, pizzas, smoothies, cookies... everything we love!

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3. Niomi Smart

The author of 'Eat Smart', Niomi is a lifestyle and beauty blogger who promotes a fitter and stronger life. You should follow her if veganism is something you're looking towards because she cooks and shares the simplest but tastiest recipes. You can even follow her on her blog and YouTube channel for more in-depth videos.

4. SkinnyTaste

You can't scroll through Gina's Insta feed and not want to try every single dish! She makes both vegetarian and meat options and omg, do they look scrumptious. Her dishes are fairly complicated and aren't those whip-it-up-in-five-minutes ones so follow her if you enjoy spending your time in the kitchen and going that extra mile to create something elaborate. She even puts a calorie breakdown of each dish, so you'll know which one is for you and which isn't.

5. ACoupleCooks

These guys believe that eating cheese, pancakes, waffles, brownies are not a bad thing. You shouldn't deny yourselves this pleasure but can choose alternative ingredients to make them a tad bit healthier. They say you should eat simple, seasonal and nourishing food, now that's a diet we can definitely be behind.

6. I Quit Sugar

Let's take a moment and talk about the sugar addiction most of us have. These guys will help you combat it systematically. With step-by-step processes and in-depth recipes, you can win over that sweet craving and live a more pumped up life. Also, their desserts look incredible! *drools*

7. TheWholeFoodDiary

Kezia and Jared talk about their journey and say, "Our family journey in loving our bodies with what we love to eat. Real people. Real food. Real life." If you hate salads and detest eating raw foods, they will make you fall in love with them. 

8. TheSashaDiaries

Once you look at Sasha Gill's Insta feed, you can't look away. This 22-year-old creates art not food in the kitchen. She's a vegan and considering how stunning her food will make you want to convert and munch on cabbage too.

9. NutritionStripped

Mckee Hill goes about nutrition in a more holistic way. She's a registered nutritionist who is constantly give tips and facts about foods and how be keep healthy from within. She believes that starving is always a bad idea and being truly fit and happy is the way to go.

So guys, ready for that fit and fab life?! 3...2...1... POWER!

Also, I hogged on two bowls of Maggi while writing this article, does that defeat the purpose!?