101 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Right Now

101 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Right Now

This story was updated in January 2019.

Instagram is one of my top favourite apps right now. The photo and video sharing social media network make me want to pick my phone every hour because of the interesting people and their stories.

I was not a big Instagram fan a few years ago. I did upload the occasional photo to update the world where I had travelled or what I was doing, but I never took it seriously. That changed when I took to the platform to upload my cooking recipes. Influencers such as Chef Pankaj Bhadouria and Chef Gordon Ramsay became my inspiration to follow my passion.

If you are looking to find similar inspiration, then you need to know the right people to follow on Instagram. That is why we have surfed through different genres like food, fashion and travel to find the top 101 Instagram accounts to follow before the year ends. Ready? Here we go!

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20 Food Instagram Accounts To Follow

Image source: Pexels

If you have a culinary dream, these Instagram accounts will push you toward making it a reality. Lip-smacking appetizers, scrumptious main courses and decadent desserts, these accounts have it all.

Shuchir Suri 

From being a full-time marketer to starting one of India’s top food Instagram channels, Shuchir has come a long way. Apart from updating his feed with the latest happenings at Food Talk India, he also uploads his latest travel stories and cocktail recipes.

Shivesh Bhatia

Image source: Instagram

If we told you that this next Instagrammer is still in college, would you believe us? This Plixxo super blogger original desserts and baked goods have left us all drooling. Don’t believe us, then check him out!

Masterchefmom - Uma Raghuraman

A doting mother and a Plixxo blogger who started with recipes she used to make at home for her daughter, Uma have steadily climbed the food world in India. Her home-cooked recipes are simple, traditional, and straight from the heart.

Passionateaboutbaking - Deeba Rajpal

Deeba describes herself as a non-conformist and one look at her Instagram feed makes you understand why. Her feed is filled with delicious images of baked dishes. Do not take a look at them on an empty stomach!

Chef Kelvin Cheung

Chef Kelvin embodies the best of three countries - Canada (his country of birth), the USA (where he was raised) and India (where he now works). His feed is a refreshing mix of his travel stories around the world and experiments in the kitchen. he was also roped into the Plixxo influencer circle a while back.

Anahita N. Dhondy

Image source: Instagram

Anahita’s world has revolved around food ever since she was a little girl and her Instagram account is a reflection of her love for cooking. This Plixxo blogger famously joined the famous Parsi restaurant SodaBottleOpenerWala as the Chef Manager and has not looked back since. 

Pooja Dhingra

Back in 2010, Chef Pooja Dhingra decided to foray into food business with her elegant range of macarons and French desserts. Her Instagram feed constantly shows some of the best her restaurant and baking studio in Mumbai, Le15 Patisserie, has to offer.

MasterChef Pankaj Bhadouria

Her Instagram feed is as inspiring as her own life story. Filled with quirky and heartwarming moments from her life and kitchen, Chef Pankaj’s posts will make you want to strap that apron and start cooking right now.

Ranveer Brar

If there is one account that clubs food and travel together, it’s Chef Ranveer’s account. Hailing from a family of landlords in Lucknow, he was India’s youngest executive chef at just 25 years! He has also worked as a TV host, celebrity judge and a food stylist.

A Bit Wholesomely - Bina

Image source: Instagram

When Bina first started cooking a few years earlier, little did she know that the blog she ran as a hobby would take off so well. After moving to the States, Bina continued to churn out home-cooked recipes and complemented those with brilliant food shots. Her profile is testimony that less is more.

Mumbaifoodie - Ronak Rajani

This Mumbaikar covers all the hidden gems in the city that no travel guide would tell you about. He loves discovering humble food hubs in Mumbai, so you will only find the best review and recommendations in town.

Dilsefoodie - Karan Dua

A Delhite at heart, Karan’s page includes pictures of him savoring dishes from some of the best places in the city. His posts look scrumptious and watching him eat will make you want to head out for a quick bite as well. If you are looking for some inspiration for food places to visit, then you must follow his Instagram page.

Munchymumbai - Parth and Sagar

Munchymumbai mainly covers food from Mumbai, but all showcase some of the best plates from across the country. Curated by two locals, Parth and Sagar, their feed is carefully created with neat pictures flat lays and top shots. Overall, this is one of the best food accounts to follow for updates on the best food places around the country.

VForVeggie - Shubhneet Jain

Image source: Instagram

Shubhneet is one of the more popular food influencers in the country right now. His entire Instagram feed features veggie delights, which will even have any hardcore non-vegetarian taking second glances.

Thegreatindianfoodie - Sukrit Jain and Kashish Jain

Next on the list are two brothers from Delhi who have made their regular weekend food tours into a buzzing platform for food lovers. From cakes and coffees to street food and finger foods, these guys have covered all the popular food places in and around Delhi.

Organicandhappy - Natasha Kadimi

Food blogger Natasha is an inspiration in every sense. After overcoming a food disorder a few years ago, she stuck to a whole foods diet and went vegan. Her Instagram feed is full of delicious food posts that are vegan and prepared with organic ingredients. Follow her account for all the latest recipes as well as food events and restaurant reviews around everything vegan.

Iamdatingfood - Nikita Varma

Nikita takes you through a tour of Delhi through the eyes of a food expert. Her feed is composed of beautifully shot pictures that leave you wanting for more Delhi food every time you are in the city.

Thehungrymumbaikar - Rohit Haryani

Image source: Instagram

Rohit is another top name in the food influencer space in Mumbai. His feed is a mix of the best street food places and restaurants in the city and he also creates lip-smacking dishes in his own kitchen.

Playfulcooking - Kankana Saxena

Another food influencer who will keep you hooked is Kankana Saxena. She is an experienced food photographer and recipe developer, and her Instagram page is filled with beautiful, aesthetically shot images. She even shares the story behind each recipe she makes.

Saffrontrail - Nandita Iyer

A food blogger based in Bengaluru, Nandita is a food enthusiast who prepares vegetarian, home-cooked meals. She also styles her food layouts and clicks all the Instagram-worthy photographs herself, which leaves her followers begging for more!

10 Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow

Image source: Pexels

These are the accounts that will have you bookmarking the images and Googling for flight tickets after every picture. From budget backpackers to lavish luxury couples, here are the top travel Instagram accounts to follow.

Sejal Kumar

This 22-year-old Plixxo super blogger has a strong fanbase across the country, and it was her chic travel pictures clubbed with her trendy outfits that do the trick.

Nikhil Sharma

Image source: Instagram

A travel vlogger based in Mumbai, Nikhil started by sharing his biking tours online. Soon, his Instagram channel exploded with his raw, uncut vlogs and people started noticing him.

Larissa DSa

Anyone looking to break into the world of fashion and travel vlogging needs to take a look at Larissa’s Instagram feed. A graphic artist and another Plixxo super blogger, Larissa uses her creative eye to select locations that best highlight her quirky and colourful style.

Shramona Poddar

Image source: Instagram

Shramona’s work is so convincingly good that one of her post for a brand was reshared by a politician mistaking her for an IAS topper. Apart from that, all her escapades into the mountains will leave you with a surreal feeling of wanderlust.

Bruised Passports

Vidit Taneja and Savi Munjal dreamt of travelling the world way back when they were in school together. Several years later, the couple got hitched and started travelling the world. However, little did they realise that they would be starting a trend that would see a lot of other people quit full-time jobs to travel! They have joined the Plixxo super blogger circle as well.

Settle Subtle - Siddhi and Varun

Image source: Instagram

Siddhi Karwa and Varun Aggarwal clearly mention that they blog about fashion and lifestyle, but it’s their travel pictures that sweep you off your feet. These Plixxo super bloggers naturally set a tone of colour to their Instagram grid and capture all pictures in that shade, giving their feed a unique feel.

Grab Your Globe - Chandni & Simone

Two girls with full-time jobs, Chandni and Simone started their blog as a passion project. They juggle their jobs and travel the world as a passion. Till date, they have traversed across four continents, chronicling every blooper and success to help guide the rest of us. Simone is also part of Plixxo's influencer circle. 

The Windowseat Project

Image source: Instagram

What began as a Masters dissertation project, soon snowballed into a viral Instagram account. Shanu Babar came up with the idea of capturing the stories of people on train journeys. He and his friends began uploading 10-15 second snippets of their journey on Instagram and Facebook, which gradually grew into the 'Window Seat Project'.

Traversed Lands - Kopal Jain

Kopal managed to do what most of us dream of - quit her job and take the plunge into full-time travel blogging. Her posts are honest and beautifully capture the budget side of travelling across India.

Shivya Nath

Image source: Instagram

After leaving a full-time job in Singapore, she has visited nearly every continent on the planet and showcase pictures and stories unique to every location she visits. She’s also a published author.

10 Fashion Instagram Accounts To Follow

Image source: Pexels

These bloggers and fashionistas making a splash on Instagram and you should add them to your following list.

Radhika Seth

Radhika brings all the latest trends with her own twist to her Instagram feed. Her style of pairing everyday wear with high-end brands makes her content very unique.

That Boho Girl - Kritika Khurana

A wanderlust boho queen at heart, Plixxo super blogger Kritika Khurana is also a fashion designer. Her profile documents her personal style and everyday outfits, her adventures and all the places she has visited.

Aakriti Rana Gill

Image source: Instagram

She is a fashion Influencer, an MBA, a photographer and a graphic designer who writes and makes videos about fashion, lifestyle, travel and beauty. Aakriti started her fashion feed in 2014, which gained popularity in no time and hasn’t looked back since. She also joined Plixxo as a super blogger a while back.

Swagata Dev

Her honest take on college fashion and makeup makes Swagata one of the most unique bloggers from Northeast India right now. If it’s the perfect attire for that college freshers or if you are looking to nail your outfit for your first job interview, her profile has it all.

Santoshi Shetty

Santoshi Shetty, the founder of the blog The Style Edge, studied architecture in college and used design skills she learnt to enhance her fashion style and content.

Caughtinacuff - Riya Jain

Image source: Instagram

When Riya began writing for her blog ‘Caught In A Cuff’, little did she know that it would just take off so quickly! The Plixxo fashion and lifestyle super blogger mixes travel wear with everyday casuals that give her content a fresh vibe.

Sarang Patil

Here is a guy who has been showing men how to dress for quite a while now. Sarang’s content focuses on how to look good in the simplest of ways. He has prominently featured in publications and he also works part-time as a fashion consultant.

What Wear How - Urmi and Hemal

Urmi Daga and Hemal Ved are just two ordinary girls who had PR jobs, but they entered world the glitzy and sparkly world of fashion. These Plixo super bloggers see themselves as daily stylists and their content is aimed at helping both guys and girls fine-tune their style.

Akanksha Redhu

This Delhi-based fashion influencer quit her full-time job to start her own blog. She’s now worked with many famous global brands and is living the dream of many aspiring fashion lovers. Her content features the latest fashion trends, product reviews and travel tales from her latest visits.

Big Hair Loud Mouth - Nilu Yuleena Thapa

Image source: Instagram

From an engineering student to being one of India’s top vloggers, Nilu Yuleena Thapa has become a trendsetter. This Plixxo super blogger and fashionista from Darjeeling brings her personal style to the floor and mixes and matches it with the worldwide trends.

10 Beauty Instagram Accounts To Follow

Image source: Pexels

Whether you're aspiring to be a beauty guru or just like to stay updated with the happenings in the beauty industry, these are the accounts to follow. These beauty gurus are have developed professional skills overtime and will surely help you meet all your skincare and beauty goals.

Shreya Jain

A self-taught makeup artist, beauty guru and Plixxo super blogger, Shreya Jain has become a household name with her makeup tutorials, reviews, tips, and tricks. Her Instagram channel is really popular due to her engaging content about makeup hacks.

Debasree Banerjee

Debasree started beauty blogging in college and most of her tutorials are based on makeup that is easy to pull off.

Mira Patel

Image source: Instagram

Mira is your go-to Instagrammer for all your makeup inspirations and gorgeous looks. She also does a lot of step-by-step tutorials that are easy to follow and execute.

Kavya D'Souza

Petite and pretty, Kavya D'Souza of the acclaimed blog Streak Hue Fall knows how to engage her blog readers. She's articulate, honest and laid-back - she knows her body and her mind. Her feed is filled with quirky reviews and lookbooks, and her beauty and travel diaries so very interesting. Follow this Plixxo super blogger for everything about life and its beauties. 

Anshita Juneja

Delhi-based Anshita is the editor and founder of the blog ‘Vanity No Apologies’. She started the blog during her Bachelor’s at Delhi University. Now Vanity No Apologies and her own personal feed remain her priority as she continues to churn out credible content for her readers.

Aanam C

Image source: Instagram

A blogger and content creator best known for her fashion and beauty blog ‘What When Wear’, Aanam shot to fame after her beauty tutorials went viral. She was inspired by Katie Holmes and Deepika Padukone. She comes up with easy to execute makeup looks that everyone can do at home.

The Delhi Fashion Blogger - Komal Khulbe

Komal’s channel is where you can get all your fashion and beauty questions answered with lots of style tips and tricks thrown in. However, it’s her out-of-the-box take on the latest trends that draw in the crowd to this Plixxo super blogger's account. Komal’s personal account about life and everything she does is frightfully brave and honest and makes her content refreshingly unique.

Trishala Love Bug - Trishala Sikka

If you are someone who prides themselves on knowing the top fashion and beauty bloggers in India, then you must have heard of Plixxo super blogger  Trishala Sikka. Trishala’s keen eye for all things beauty and skincare lead to some indulgent videos about must-have makeup essentials to talking about her favourite beauty and fashion collaborations.

Sonal Sagaraya

Image source: Instagram

Here is a channel that has everything to meet your beauty needs - frequent hair and beauty tutorials, haul unboxings, DIY project walkthroughs, and healthy eating vlog. Sonal ticks all the boxes of being the perfect beauty influencer with fresh, raw content regularly. There is never a dull moment on her feed.

Aashna Shroff

Fashion, beauty, makeup and Aashna Shroff are four words that you will probably utter in the same breath. From fashion trends to makeup tips and accessories, there is nothing that misses this Plixxo blogger's eyes, which makes her content so popular.

15 Photography Instagram Accounts To Follow

Image source: Pexels

If a picture can say a thousand words, these Instagrammers are the greatest storytellers in the world. We bring you some of the best accounts helmed by people who have a knack of knowing when to pull the trigger. These are the top photographers on Instagram you need to follow.

Fayis KB

Fayis brings all his graphic design skills into his Instagram feed that allows him to give details and aesthetic to his images unlike any other. Budding photographers must take a look at this Plixxo influencer's feed for inspiration.

The.ramukaka - Rufus Reynolds

A mobile photographer who rose to fame under the professional alias Ramu Kaka, Rufus rose to fame for creating the ‘Streets of India’ photo sharing community within Instagram. One look at both profiles and you can see why this hotel management graduate turned Plixxo influencer quit his job to pursue photography full time.

Where Is Northeast

Image source: Instagram

A community-sourced account that collates pictures from some of the best upcoming photographers from Northeast India. The account takes you to lesser-known places in the region that will have you bookmarking most locations.

Box Of Spice - Rakhee Yadav

Here’s an account that will make you drool. Rakhee started Box Of Spice when she moved to the US and brought her graphic design and photography skills together in this project. She creates her own recipes, styles her own flat lays and inspires all budding food photographers to dream about doing what this Plixxo influencer does!

Isa Khan

Isa mainly travels the Himachal Pradesh circuit and his brawny voice and idyllic landscape pictures make it impossible to forget. He also cuts a few crisp short videos on stories of him travelling through the Himalayas, giving us more travel goals.

AbhiAndNow - Abhinav Chandel

Image source: Instagram

As he himself mentions it, Abhinav only picked up a camera full-time after he quit his job and moved to Dharamshala. He is a prime example that if you have the passion and flair for photography, it’s never too late to get a DSLR and start shooting.

Andy Pariat

One of the lesser-known photographers on this list, Andy is a nature photographer who has been clicking mesmerising pictures of Meghalaya for a while now. His account is a gold-mine if you are looking for the perfect references for landscape and macro-photography.

India Pictures

They are one of India’s oldest Instagram pages and have been featuring some of the best works of upcoming photographers in the country.

Thebadlydrawnboy - Bikramjit Bose

Image source: Instagram

Bikramjit’s portfolio is brimming with some of the biggest names in Indian publication today. His Instagram is filled with visually narrative portraits, mostly captured in black and white and with a macro lens. His work is both moving and effortlessly classy.

Hashim Badani

Every post on Hashim’s profile tells a story that personifies urban life as an emotion. He bases most his photos around Mumbai and his work with light and shadow is mesmerising.

Artleavesamark - Arjun Menon

This Mumbai-based photographer catalogues all his travels and unique qualities about each place through his lens. His work has been featured in many major publications across India. Follow his feed for beautiful travel photography that will definitely inspire you to take dust your camera off the shelf.

Shivaji Storm Sen

Image source: Instagram

Shivaji Storm Sen is a Mumbai-based photographer, whose subjects include fine arts and fashion, sometimes interchanging the two effortlessly. Sen’s photographs have a sense of drama and chaos that gets you hooked from the first scroll. Follow his channel for eclectic images in your daily feed.

Samar Singh Virdi

Samar has a keen eye for the unusual - making a rusty fan look good, showing raw emotions on the face of a yawning man or dogs playing on the street. His dedication to symmetry and balance is what makes his work stand out and gives a fresh perspective on an otherwise familiar subject.

Rishabh Malik

This Delhi-based travel and portrait photographer takes pictures of anything that grabs his attention. The post-production on his images is spot on and brings out the colours of his subjects vividly.

Avisha Chaudhary

Image source: Instagram

Avisha’s deed is packed with stunning landscape photographs as well as perfectly-timed portraits. Her work looks refreshingly uncontrived, which has also got to do with the thoughtful captions she adds on her post - something that many Instagrammers lack.

10 Luxury Instagram Accounts to Follow

Image source: Pexels

What comes to your mind when we say luxury? Decadent meals by an infinity pool, smart watches and fast cars? If yes, then we have a list of some of the Instagrammers who live the high life. Get to know some of these people here.

Missstylefiesta - Masoom Minawala

Masoom’s feed reflects her personality, her ideas and her individuality through her dressing. Join this Plixxo super blogger as she travels the world effortlessly shifting from one outfit to the other and oozing luxury throughout.

Juhi Godambe

A self-taught fashionista, Juhi manages to blend fashion and fitness on her feed in an effortless manner. This Mumbai-based Plixxo super blogger runs her own label, Arabella and styles her fashion feed with a touch of panache and class that reflects the brand.

Shereenlovebug - Shereen Sikka

Image source: Instagram

Shereen’s Instagram feed is fun, glamourous and dripping with style. But look closely and you realise the hard work behind all this Plixxo super blogger's content. The former Dharma pictures stylist plays by her strengths of creating content that is niche and appeals to the irrational mind.

Houseofmisu - Mitali and Summiyya

Mitali and Summiyya are lovers of art and fashion and their sense of style is sharp, bold and layered with a polished coat of softness. Their feed is jaw-droppingly glamorous, filled with product reviews and travel features from Paris and other European cities.

Tanya Virmani

Tanya Virmani, who started ‘Let's Expresso,’ is a true cosmopolite who loves to crush stereotypes. A coffee lover and rebellious stylist, this Plixxo blogger brings her classy fashion sense & beauty ideas to her feed that are relatable and dynamic.

Abhinav Mathur

Image source: Instagram

Abhinav Mathur is arguably one of the most dapper Indian men on Instagram right now and definitely worth a follow. Not only do this Plixxo blogger's inspirational style choices stand out, but his videos add wit and quirk to everyday life with a touch of his usual ‘abix’ class.

Riaan George

Visiting exquisite destinations, and reviewing ultra-premium products for his men's lifestyle blog Urban Eye, Riaan George has turned his passion into a paycheck. A Plixxo super blogger, he is one of India's first luxury men's bloggers right now and an editor of a luxury magazine by profession. Need we say more?

Khushnaz Ashdin Turner

Personal stylist and wardrobe consultant, Khushnaz Turner dons multiple hats. From administering a family business to handling a blog followed by many, this light-eyed mom demands a turn of heads.

Paul David Martin

Once glance at the flashy style-forward pictures on his feed, Paul’s account will be your new destination for everything fashion. Primarily focusing on magazine and publication shoots, his Instagram images showcase some of India’s best-dressed models and shoots.

Rahul Khanna

Image source: Instagram

We were never going to complete the list of without a shoutout to one of India’s most luxurious actors. Rahul Khanna’s style is as minimalist as he is witty. His pictures are a blend of his suave style, travels, sightings and food.

5 Technology Instagram Accounts To Follow

Image source: Pexels

Whether you are just looking to check out the new gadgets or stay up to date with the latest technology news, Instagram has something for all tech lovers. If you don’t want to miss the reviews of the latest phones or just see what new product Apple just launched, here are the Instagram accounts you need to follow.

Jaymin Shah

Jaymin is a technology entrepreneur and a Plixxo blogger who provides daily commentary on all things tech in India and around the world. Whether it is the latest news from Apple or Google, you can rest assured that Jaymin’s feed will keep you updated.

Amit Bhawani

Amit initially made the plunge into the world of IT several years earlier as a software engineer. This Plixxo super blogger later went to become the founder of technology companies, TripRazer & PhoneRadar. His Instagram feed shows his vast knowledge of IT and gadgets, with phone reviews and tech news, as well as snapshots of his latest escapades.

Geekyranjitofficial - Ranjit Kumar

Ranjit is a known face among tech lovers in the country with his quick, to the point and smart reviews for phones and consumer electronics.

Rene Ritchie

An Apple analyst, gadget reviewer, critic and writer, Rene Ritchie the perennial all-rounder when it comes to technology. He is also the editor of a popular digital magazine for tech, so you can rely on this expertise on all things Apple, Samsung or Google.

Nimish Dubey

Nimish is the Editor-at-Large at TechPP and Delhi Snapper and loves to write on technology, literature and sports. His love for photography shows on all his Instagram pictures where he posts the books he reads and tech he likes to try out. Follow Nimish for some cool shots of his gadgets with some nice literary quotes you’d love to share.

4 Funniest Instagram Accounts To Follow

Image source: Pexels

If you Instagram is a never-ending feed of food photos or the hundredth latest celebrity selfie, it’s time to add these funny and witty accounts to your following list. Here are ten humour-filled Instagram accounts that are sure to add that daily dose of happiness to your life.


These are some of the most hilarious, albeit a little controversial, posts floating around on Instagram right now. The posts leave you rolling on the floor laughing or make you want to tear your hair out for wasting precious time over it. But then, we all need that laughter break in our daily busy lives.

Girlwithnojob - Claudia Oshry Soffer

If you are looking for the funniest memes about life and the daily grind, who better than to tell you all about it than a jobless girl? Claudia Oshry Soffer is the brainchild and founder, and influencer behind GirlWithNoJob and her wit and humour have taken the channel to stratospheric heights. Some of Claudia’s one-liners are so legendary that they have been awarded cult statuses by Instagrammers.

The Awkward Yeti

This is a daily gag webcomic that follows Lars the yeti, as he encounters social awkwardness in his everyday life - at work, in his social life and even while dating. Creator Nick Seluk focuses on real-life stories from his own experiences while leaving you with a chuckle every time you read their post.

Kidsaretheworst - Anna Macfarlane

Anna started the channel as a way to share the madness of raising kids with friends and anyone else who has kids that are not always perfect. So if that's you, then their posts and videos are some of the funniest you’ll see online. There are a number of posts here mostly shared by parents that show a completely different, crazy side of parenthood and their kids.

5 Creative Instagram Accounts To Follow

Image source: Instagram

Instagram can show you exactly what inspires people or how best they use their surroundings to tell a story. These are some of the most creative Instagram accounts that took something niche and made it their own unique selling point.

Thecheesecakeproject - Stuti Sakhalkar Dasgupta

You would be forgiven if you thought this was a food page. Stuti Sakhalkar Dasgupta probably one of India’s most underrated and best wedding photographers. Her photographs are unique and show the engaging rituals and ceremonies of weddings across different regions and religions in India. And her posts are drop-dead gorgeous.

Thegutlessfoodie - Natasha Diddee

Living without a stomach is something unheard of. So when Nasatha had her entire gut removed due to a tumour, this food lover had to get creative with her recipes and closely monitor her diet. Her page is now one of the best places in India to look for healthy, simple recipes.


Naman's account succeeds in taking us on a tour of history by giving a detailed account gives of Indian kings, British officials and queens who once ruled India. His journalism background is reflected in his quest to discover hidden angles about historic monuments in India. Naman also takes amazing photographs of well-known monuments and portraits and provides detailed information about them.

Dancerukmini - Rukmini Vijayakumar

Rukmini Vijayakumar is a skilled classically trained dancer who specialises in Bharatnatyam and in Western ballet too. Her Instagram feed is a fascinating account of stunning images from her performances, dance routines and from her training sessions.

Pari.network - The People's Archive Of Rural India

For anyone looking to discover India’s rural life, there is no better place than The People’s Archive of Rural India. A collation of some of the best photographers from around the country, the photos here tell incredibly real stories about the people and the places in them. They span the length and breadth of the country - from unknown villages of Northeast India to the country’s southernmost tip.

5 Accounts To Follow For Celebrity News

Image source: Pexels

If you are like me and cannot make it through the morning without glancing at the latest happenings from Bollywood, you need to follow these accounts right now!

Manav Manglani

For more than 15 years now, Manav has been leading a team of photographers tracking celebrities as different places around Mumbai. If it’s breaking news or videos from Bollywood, you know Manav Manglani will be there.

Viral Bhayani

Another photographer who has been in the business of celeb ‘spotting’ for a while now, Viral can be relied upon for those perfect airports shots of Bollywood superstars as well as other daily happenings in their lives. His captions are outrageously funny and among his many accomplishments is an appearance on Koffee With Karan as well.

Yogen Shah

Yogen is another celebrity photographer based in Mumbai. His nearly three decades of experience in the field sets him apart from the rest of his fellow journalists.

POPxo Daily

India’s largest community for women also lives and breathes Bollywood. Whether it is the latest movie trailer, celebrity wedding or the newest fashion trends doing the rounds in B-tow, POPxo has you covered!

Varinder Chawla

The newest photo-journalist from the lot, Varinder has slowly but steadily stepped up his game and manages to provide fresh content to Bollywood-loving fans.

7 International Instagram Accounts To Follow

Image source: Instagram

These are some of the names making the waves on Instagram globally. This list is a unique mix of filmmakers, storytellers and photographers who are producing content that is helping them stand out and get noticed.

Casey Neistat

Casey is a filmmaker by profession, but his Instagram account is the daily dose of motivation that you need every morning. He features his travels, his work, gadget reviews, short films, family moments and so much more all on his feed. The dedication to his work and feed is overwhelming at times, but shows you how much he pushes himself.

Dan Mace

This South African filmmaker quit his cushy job as an ad director to become a full-time online filmmaker. His feed, like Casey, is a mix of his work and travel. He takes you through the ups and downs of his life in a fun, creative manner that is truly unique to him.

Peter McKinnon

We cannot summarise this Canadian’s Instagram feed in one word, so we won’t even try. His visual landscapes and adventure photography will leave you picking your jaws from the floor. Every picture on his feed is worthy of being framed and hung somewhere at an exhibition.

Marques Brownlee

This guy almost convinced me to buy a new phone every time I looked his review videos. However, his Instagram feed is the lighter side of his life, mostly shot from the multiple phones he reviews. Marques should also be your go-to-guy for any tech-related news and reviews.

Becki & Chris

This husband-wife duo call themselves two nerds teaching photography and video, blogging about DIY projects, and documenting their life online. Becki is a freelance graphic designer and photographer by profession, while Chris is a radiologist.

Izzy Harris

There’s an overwhelming abundance of good content Iz has made, all of whom, would’ve been lost in the sea of generic Instagram content, were it not for his filmmaker's dazzlingly inspired creative touch. 

Lilly Singh

If you've spent any time on the internet in the last few years, you know that Lilly Singh's life is seriously charmed. Now that she is taking a break from making videos, she is seriously active on Instagram. Follow her for some outrageously hilarious and witty content.

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