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10 Of The Most Fun Instagram Pages You Should Follow NOW!

10 Of The Most Fun Instagram Pages You Should Follow NOW!

Instagram is a world of its own. It’s beautiful how human beings can express so much through simple images and mere words. You could connect with a person sitting in a different continent simply because both of you love dogs. And what’s a better connection, eh? If you love the app just as much as we do, here are 10 pages you should be following…before FOMO takes over!

1. Globe Makers


I've written about this one before.. but let's revisit #TristandaCunha as it is considered one of the most isolated island archipelagos in the world. . The nearest mainland country is South Africa, and the main island is a mere 7 miles across. . Many of the outlying islands have not been thoroughly explored. . These islands are so remote that one is even named Inaccessible Island. . True to its name, there have been at least three shipwrecks off of Inaccessible Island’s shores. . Many seals, including the mammoth elephant seals, share the islands’ beaches with a plethora of shore birds and waterfowl. . The archipelago sits atop the Tristan hotspot, an area responsible for volcanic activity that forms the islands in the southern Atlantic Ocean. . The climate is generally mild (never too hot or too cold), but the islands are susceptible to powerful oceanic storms with high winds capable of wholesale destruction. . As of January 2017, the main island has 262 permanent inhabitants. The other islands are uninhabited, except for the personnel of a weather station on Gough Island. . Tristan da Cunha is part of the British overseas territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha. This includes Saint Helena and near-equatorial Ascension Island, some 3,730 kilometres (2,318 mi) to the north of Tristan. . More on Inaccessible Island tomorrow! . #GlobeFacts via SmashingLists & Wikipedia. . Globe : 80cm Mint Green. For more info click link in profile.

A post shared by Bellerby & Co Globemakers (@globemakers) on

Revisit your Geography lessons through this this IG account that’s just too perfect. Go behind the scenes of what actually goes into the making of every globe you ever bought as a child and now as an adult use to bookmark your travels! From carefully measuring each canvas, to painting every tiny continent with impeccable accuracy, this Instagram handle is mesmerizing to say the least!

Get this Globe LED Light for all the travel inspiration you need! (Rs 1,340)

2. Slimey Sugar


squeeze ball from target $1 section ;) 👌🏻

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Slime, or the art of messy play has become a popular form of stress buster. And we ain’t complaining because these videos are just so relaxing to watch! Slime has known to have calming effects to the ears and even to the eyes and is an excellent DIY because it follows the psychology of a child’s urge to play with goop for hours. This account shows slime of all kinds and what you can do with it!

Get yourself some slime to play with too because why not?! (Rs 599)

3. The Color Life


Details! #thecolorlife🌸✨

A post shared by 🌸THE COLOR LIFE🌸-krishna Patel (@thecolorlife_) on

This account is for everyone who is an art lover and an ardent fan of everything embroidered. This will take you back in time when your mother or grandmother would sit embroidering patches of cloth to put on your frocks. Colourful, quirky and every bit Indian, this account is all about the art of embroidery gone awry on a small canvas!

Try it on your own with this Embroidery Thread Kit (Rs 639), you’ll absolutely love it!

4. Soraky

This one might look like your usual run-of-the-mill kinda fashion blog but it’s nothing like that! Soraky is the photographer behind letting us relive everyday moments that usually go unnoticed through interesting photographs with an added touch of whimsy/ mystical wander about them. Be it holding a balloon and watch it while it flies or just the joy of waves at the beach. The photographer’s muse are his wife and his friend through whom, he does most of his storytelling.

5. Tiny Doors Atl

If you’ve been on Instagram for a while, you probably know already that a lot of people #havethisthingwithdoors. Be it exploring regal and grand door ways while travelling or just a dilapidated one in the corner of a road, IG is flooded with photographs of doors. This handle is not different…except that the creator behind this account paints tiny, micro doors all around the city instead of spotting one! The page is a burst of colours and tiny stories that you will love!

6. A Girl With A Journal

We’ve all at one point had a diary where we’ve penned down our secrets about boyfriends, the first kiss, heartbreaks and all those teeny tiny moments that we prefered to share only with #DearDiary. Lina, the journal blogger is also one of us who has carefully curated many diaries over the years and converted them into works of art. Follow her if you’d love a mix of good vibes and some art attack on your feed!

And if you feel a little inspired, go and get yourself this motivational journal from DailyObjects. (Rs 199)

7. Symmetry Breakfast

Whether or not you’re a foodie, this Instagrammer definitely has the most delicious breakfast in the whole wide world and we’re hooked! The idea behind this page is a simple showcase of breakfast cooked by Michael for his partner, Mark which started off as his attempt to spend more quality time with his partner. He started arranging these in a symmetrical way and posted them on Instagram. And before you knew it, it became quite the rage!

The duo even boasts of a cookbook (Rs 1,135) that you can purchase, if you want to try one of his sumptuous breakfast recipes.

8. Eugenia Zoloto

Paper cutting is an art and a difficult one, to be honest. We love how artist Eugenia Zoloto created the most intricate paper cut outs that represent real life things. From dresses to fishes…you name it, she’s made it! This Instagram account is surely worth following sheerly for the number of times it makes you think ‘How god, how?!’

If you want to give it a shot too, get yourself this paper blade kit (Rs 400) and get going!

9. Kayla Boyer


Just a little obsessed 🌈🌟💕 last taste of summer right here. The base color is @pravana (violet + black additive) mids is (neon blue + locked in teal + blue topaz) and the ends I melted (neon pink + locked in pink + magenta) (neon yellow) (neon green) 💜 I hope you guys love this one!!!! • • • @behindthechair_com @modernsalon @american_salon #pravana #iampravana #pravanavivids #authentichairarmy #b3 #brazilianbondbuilder #fckinghair #imallaboutdahair #behindthechair #modernsalon #americansalon #colortrak #saloncentric #rainbowhair #rainbow #hairartist #hotonbeauty #hotforbeauty #hairporn #stylistssupportingstylists #hair_videos #styleartists #hudabeauty #vegasnay #howtodohair #bestofhair #beautylaunchpad #beautyblogger #hairandmakeupbykaylaboyer

A post shared by HAIR & MAKEUP BY KAYLA BOYER (@kayla_boyer) on

We live in the age of unicorns and mermaids and there’s no reason why your hair shouldn’t represent that! This IG is for every girl who loves colouring her hair and likes a colourful feed. Follow hairstyle Kayla Boyer for some unfiltered hairstyle inspo and all things rainbow! We can’t get enough of this feed already.

If you don’t mind experimenting a bit with your hair colour, go ahead and buy this temporary spray from BBlunt. (Rs 315)

10. Creekside Studio

Imagine having an emoji to express IRL! Would be quite cool, right? The Creekside Studio makes tiny clay sculptures of all your favourite emojis and other pop culture things that you can wear as fashion accessories or carry as key rings! It’s just so cute to watch this on your feed that you’d love coming back to it, time and again!

Published on Oct 2, 2017
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