10 Super Awkward Relationship Milestones That Actually Mean You And Your Partner Are On The Right Track

10 Super Awkward Relationship Milestones That Actually Mean You And Your Partner Are On The Right Track

Relationships are not all fun and games, there are ups and downs involved and a ton of awkward conversations which you cannot possibly avoid. But know that once you make it past the phase, you're in for a smooth ride in a positive direction. 

1. Meeting The Parents 

The first time you meet each other's parents or siblings may or may not go as planned but it isn't really a bad thing. You learn a lot about each other and once it's out of the way, there is a high possibility that you'll become BFFs with his mom and sister. 

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2. Bumping Into An Ex 

Ouch, this one hurts. But imagine getting it done with. There is something so satisfying in knowing that he loves you when he gives you all the attention despite the awkwardness of the situation. 

3. Gross Bodily Functions 

Cue the farts and burps or how you need to poop every morning. If you're spending most of your day with this person then being upfront is definitely going to work in favour of your relationship

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4. Tracking Periods 

Periods aren't gross but can be awkward in some situations. Never a bad topic to discuss though, once he knows your cycle he will always surprise you with chocolates and ice cream on those terrible cramp days. 

5. Sharing Clothes 

Remember the time you spilled red wine on your dress and had to borrow his shirt? Or when you got cold and stole his hoodie? As romantic as it is, it can get a little awkward too, always aww-worthy though. 

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6. First Time Passwords

You're driving and need him to open your phone and call one of your girlfriends so you just give him your password, but only after pausing for a second or two. Sharing passwords, phone or otherwise is a milestone you'll never forget.

7. The 'L' Word 

The famous 'I love you' moment. This can get really embarrassing when the other person isn't ready to say it back and respond with something along the lines of 'thank you' or 'aww'. But if he really cares about you, you'll move past that awkwardness and find your safe space. 

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8. Ugly Crying Galore 

Crying in front of your partner for the first time is something both of you with never forget. But it is a bonding exercise and once ugly crying is out of the way, you know your boyfriend loves you despite the odds

9. 'I Hate Horror Movies'

Discovering that you both have different interests and you don't like the things your boyfriend may enjoy is a boon. Because it expands your interests and also gives you space to enjoy your own things. 

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10. Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham

You're in a relationship and you're bound to see the good and bad sides of each other. Accepting it will involve a bunch of uncomfortable incidents and conversations which when you move past, will shape your future in a better way.  

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