9 Things That Would Happen If Rosesh Sarabhai Was My Boyfriend!

9 Things That Would Happen If Rosesh Sarabhai Was My Boyfriend!

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai was more than just a daily soap in the history of Indian TV shows and Rosesh Sarabhai was more than just a momma's boy. He was a dreamer, a believer and I like to believe... a gentle lover. Now, hear me out before you say gross. The fact that Rosesh was close to his mother emotionally means he understands women like no other. He was an artist so he would always be looking at the beauty in everyday life. He was funny and sweet and definitely not a f*ckboy. And now that I think about it, here are 9 things that would happen if Rosesh Sarabhai was my boyfriend.

1. I would have weekly poems written about me

"Khatar khun khatar khun khatar khun
Mere dil ki dhadkan ki awaaz sunn, 
Tere pyaar ki oiling isse mil gayi, 
Toh khatar khun ka ho jayega gun gun, 
Khatar khun khatar khun khatar khun" 

Need I say more?

1 rosesh sarabhai - sarabhai vs sarabhai

2. Our relationship would be a comical treat

I have a special kind of weakness for PJs. So Rosesh's unintentional comedy would work out just fine for me. In fact, I can imagine us resolving fights over food and really bad jokes.

3. He would always notice the little things about me

What else can you expect from a poet, right? In fact, in one of the episodes, Rosesh describes his girlfriend's skin colour as shrikhand so I think I am in safe hands. Unfortunately, that also means I am probably getting a poem written about my blackheads.

4. He would be a little miffed when I laugh at Indravadan's snarky remarks

Rosesh is a darling and he is definitely funny but his dad, Indravadan, is a class apart. And since Rosesh and his dad never get along he would always be miffed when I get along with Indu. However, it will be the kind of jealousy that makes your partner sound cute so I don't really mind. 

4 rosesh sarabhai - sarabhai vs sarabhai

5. But he would never give up wooing me 

Remember that episode where Rosesh falls in love with Maggie? He says he asked her out for 20 days in a row before she agreed to go out with him. Now, that is some dedication. Borderline creepy, of course, but I am sure he will be the kind of guy who respects my wishes as well even if that breaks his heart.

6. He would blush whenever someone said my name

And give that coy little smile that I would grow to love.

7. But I would really have to get along with his 'momma'

The only hurdle in the relationship would be his OTT love for his 'momma'. So I would have to use my people pleasing skills to always have Maya Sarabhai impressed. 

7 rosesh sarabhai - sarabhai vs sarabhai

8. Loyalty would never be an issue

Rosesh is very clear about the fact that there is always just one woman for him. And that woman is not Maggi but me. I know that I can trust Rosesh to never cheat on me or hurt me.

9. He would always respect my life values

I mean, if he can go vegan for Maggi, he can probably stand by me in this fight against patriarchy. Pretty sure, Maya Sarabhai would join as well.

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