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15 Indian TV Shows That Were So Iconic That You Should See Them Again!

15 Indian TV Shows That Were So Iconic That You Should See Them Again!

I miss the time when I came back from school, took off my shoes and plopped myself in front of the television (yes, I was that kid). But TV shows aren't the same anymore and I often just find myself watching things online. However, there are a few shows that came around and created a much-needed change in the TV industry. And those are the ones I binge watch time and again. From Special Squad to Remix, they were iconic and redefined what Indian television stands for. Here's the list!

1. Sarabhai VS Sarabhai 

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In Sarabhai VS Sarabhai, they took the 'happy family' angle and gave it a hilarious twist. A comedy that was ahead of its time and paved way for many more. 

4. Khichdi 

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A Gujarati joint family that found humor in misery, Khichdi began a legacy that is still intact. Are you as excited as I am about season 2?

3. Remix 

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One of the 'coolest' shows I got to watch as a teenager, Remix showed our generation how having an identity isn't a bad idea.

4. Hum Paanch 

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A cool father, a doting mother, and five eccentric daughters. Now you have the mix for a classic TV show. P.S. Vidya Balan made her debut with this one!

5. Left Right Left

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The perfect mixture of drama and action, it was an offbeat show that gave us Rajeev Khandelwal in a new light.

6. Dekh Bhai Dekh 

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A comedy of errors with characters that can't be forgotten. Also, I might have had a crush on Shekhar Suman in Dekh Bhai Dekh and you can't deny he was super cute!

7. Family No. 1

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This TV show gave birth to child stars who grew up to become successful VJs and artists. Also the theme song was so catchy!

8. Just Mohabbat

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Young love was an untouched topic when Just Mohabbat aired back in 1996, but this brave attempt turned the show into an overnight success and in the process gave the world Vatsal Sheth. 

9. Seven 

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YRF and Sony decided to do an offbeat collaboration with this TV show and though it never came back for a second season, Seven found a way to teach teenagers Indian mythology in a different way.

10. Mahi Way 

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A body positivity TV show we didn't know we needed. Mahi Way said what every curvy Indian girl was thinking. 

11. Office Office 

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Remember Pankaj Kapur AKA Mussadilal AKA the ultimate aam aadmi? Office Office was an offbeat comedy about government offices in India and let's be honest, it was spot on. 

12. Malgudi Days

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A perfect adaptation of R.K. Narayan's short stories, this TV show had a background score that is unforgettable. 

13. Movers And Shakers

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This was India's version of Tonight's Show, Shekhar Suman turned into an iconic talk show host with impeccable style. 

14. Shaktimaan

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The true superhero of Indian television, Shaktimaan went from being just another show to endorsing Parle-G biscuits. (Psst... could Ranveer Singh be playing the next Shaktimaan?)

15. Star Bestsellers

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Before YouTube, we had Star Bestsellers! Star Plus put out the best short films made by Indian directors and they were actually great. 

16. Special Squad 

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India's very own version of Criminal Minds, this show was classy and definitely shouldn't have been cancelled. But at least we can binge-watch the existing episodes. 

Hope you enjoyed that trip down memory lane!

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Published on Apr 7, 2018
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