What Happened When I Tried To Rent A Male Stripper For My Friend's Bachelorette!

What Happened When I Tried To Rent A Male Stripper For My Friend's Bachelorette!

When my best friend of 14 years decided to tie the knot with her high school sweetheart, I was overwhelmed with joy. It was hard to believe that my two best friends from school were grown up enough to take the decision to get married.

Once I got over the excitement of the engagement, the second emotion I most strongly felt would be ‘scared’. It’s when I realised the bridesmaids’ duties that would come my way. My bestie is as extra as they come. Case in point: The number of bachelorette parties she planned. A trip to Thailand with her two best friends from school, a trip to Goa with her eight closest girlfriends from college, a luxurious holiday with her college best friend to the Jodhpur palace and finally, a sit-down dinner with all the school best friends who couldn’t make it for the Thailand trip.

Yes, she planned four bachelorette parties.

As a part of the school girl-gang, I knew I’d have to come up with something to top what her college best friends had planned. To quote Mean Girls, “I mean, that’s just, like the rule of feminism.”

I was in charge of the final bachelorette, a sit-down dinner. I decided it was too boring for my liking. Why should everyone else get fun trips, and the school friends, a boring sit-down dinner?

So I decided to do something that, in retrospect, I shouldn’t have. I decided to hunt for a male stripper in Delhi. As always, I started the search on Google. Typing in “Hire Male Strippers In Delhi” on my laptop is something, again, in retrospect, I shouldn’t have done. The listings were shady and borderline scary. And the pop-ups were worse. I decided that the referral system would work better and got in touch with guy friends who might have hired similar services in the past. The second person I asked told me that he knew a friend of a friend, that might be able to help. Voila! I had the number of a male stripper.

Here’s how that conversation started:

Male Stripper Exotic Dancer Delhi

I couldn’t believe the things that I was typing. The situation got worse when he offered “extra services.”

Male Stripper Exotic Dancer Delhi %282%29

At this point, I was freaked out by the fact that there was a male model coming to my house, who wanted to do more than strip! It took an hour of back and forth conversation before I realised that he was not a male stripper but a wannabe model making extra money by offering “special services” to women in Delhi.

My friend did the wise decision of snatching the phone out of my hand, giving him a call about how we wouldn’t be needing his services. Learning from this experience? Convince a male friend of yours who is an excellent dancer to perform for your gang of girls.

Other than this small mishap, we had a fun, booze-fueled night! Go on, scroll down, doesn’t it look like the perfect girls’ night in?

Male exotic dancer delhi 3

Male exotic dancer delhi 3 %282%29

Male exotic dancer delhi 3 %283%29