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The Bridesmaids Rule Book To Planning The *Ultimate* Bachelorette Party

The Bridesmaids Rule Book To Planning The *Ultimate* Bachelorette Party

Admit it - one of the first things that comes to mind when we hear about our best friend’s shaadi is a kickass bachelorette party! After all, one of the main responsibilities of being a bridesmaid is to plan an *epic* bachelorette. While you can be as crazy as creative during the planning process, we suggest you go through these pointers that’ll help in organizing the perfect bachelorette party of a lifetime.

1. Talk to the bride before you begin planning anything

One of the very first things involves talking to the bride. What is she hoping for at her bachelorette party? Any guidelines or restrictions? (This should answer your “Stripper or No Stripper” question!) Is there a specific date she has in mind for the party? Make sure you honour her requests… The party is for her, after all!

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2. Get the guest list from the bride

You don’t want her to be upset on her bachelorette for missing out on people she actually wants at the party and the ones she doesn’t. Being a super good and supportive bridesmaid, you should always, always ask her who she wants to call for her bachelorette party.

3. Set a budget and plan things accordingly

We know you’re very excited about the bachelorette, but do not go overboard with the kharcha. Determine a budget and stick to it. Whatever that might be, just make sure you do not go off limits!

4. Make sure you plan it in a way that works out for all the guests

You don’t want people to NOT turn up for the bachelorette party. So make sure you coordinate with all the people invited and inquire about their available dates way in advance. If you want the party to be epic, you need all the people to turn up.

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5. Send a gentle reminder

Yes, because just inviting people is sometimes not enough. We all lead busy lives and some things tend to skip our minds. To make sure that doesn’t happen with the guests, it’ll be advisable to send them a cursory reminder a few days before the planned date.

6. Keep the bride’s taste in mind - for the decor, food and favours

Yes, it’s her bachelorette party after all! Pick cuisines, songs and colours that she likes the most. The whole idea behind the party is to make her happy.

7. Involve the groom as a surprise

No, we don’t mean invite him to the bachelorette party. It’s a strictly no boys allowed zone. But you can arrange the groom’s entry at the end of the party to surprise his would-be wife. You can also arrange a video call with him. You have no idea how happy that’ll make her.

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8. Don’t go overboard with social media coverage

A bachelorette party is intended to be crazy, naughty and therefore, strictly private! Do not cover each and every aspect of the party and put it up on social media for all to see. Keep it a secret!

9. Just make sure your bride-to-be bestie has a lot of fun!

Because at the end, that is what matters the most. Make this bachelorette party a memorable night, the one that she remembers for a lifetime.

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