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Dear Bestie, Here's Why I Need You By My Side At My Wedding!

Dear Bestie, Here's Why I Need You By My Side At My Wedding!

Dear Bestie,

You're special, I hope you know that! And I have no words that can aptly describe just how much you mean to me. But, now that I'm getting married, I think it's time to tell you what I've always wanted to. Here are six reasons why I want you to be by my side at my wedding. From holding my lehenga so that I don't trip (you know I'm clumsy!), to feeding me food when I wait for my mehendi to dry, there are some things only you can do bestie, so here goes...

1. Nobody knows my taste in fashion better than you, so you NEED to go bridal lehenga shopping with me!

Of course, who else will?! Knowing me, I will want to buy everything in the store, so I need you to keep me in my senses and help me buy the lehenga of my dreams.

2. You keep me sane - always did, always will!

So, I'll need your soothing presence to help me feel better on D-Day. Plus, you may have to be a barrier between me and some of the annoying guests and aunts - all the people who could upset me or piss me off in any way are your responsibility. And yes, you have to stop kids from ruining my trousseau!!! But hey, don't go all hulk on them, okay?

2 bestie cool it

3. You have to help me get ready! Actually, I didn't even have to say that...

...'Coz you already know this, don't you? You have to be by my side at the parlour because you know how I want my dream wedding look to be. So, anytime the MUA or hairstylist tries to deviate, you have to tell them not to!

4. You will get me the prettiest kaleeras, I just know! *wink*

Haha, I know that you know what I want because you are the only one I confided in. So hurry up, and get me those pretty trinkets I've always had my eyes on!

4 kaleeras

5. Only you can convince my mom and my rishtedar aunties that going OTT is not in now!

Otherwise, they'll make me look like a dukaan on my wedding day, going overboard with jewellery, make-up and a heavier-than-I-can-possiby-carry lehenga, which is not cool!

6. You are organized and I'm not... There, I said it! I need you for your awesome organization skills, girl! 

If left to me, I'll just lose all my stuff, and you know it. So, I need you to keep a track of everything that I could possibly require on my wedding day. Please? Great, I love you loads!

6 organised bestie

Here are only some of the things I want my best friend, that is you, to be there for at the wedding! But hey, I'll keep adding to this list so you better keep up! *wink*

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