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Double Chin? These Tips Might Get You A Slimmer Face For Good!

Double Chin? These Tips Might Get You A Slimmer Face For Good!

Selfie angles and lighting can only do SO MUCH. While we know and believe that you are beautiful exactly the way you are, we have also all been a wee bit guilty of hiding our double chins in pictures. Let’s talk about ways in which you can make your face look slimmer with and without exercise. Yes, you heard that right, exercise, there is such a thing as a workout for your face, and whether you believe us or not, it might just be your ticket to cuter selfies! Don’t worry, we’ve got some simple make-up tricks too, so let’s begin.

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1. Face Yoga

The age-old technique of yoga isn’t just for your body. There are some poses that include moving or exercising the face as well. Face yoga has recently become really popular because of a lady called Fumiko Takatsu. Her face yoga method tones and strengthens face muscles all in a natural way thanks to simple facial exercises. From the many before and after results on Instagram, looks like it actually works!  

2. Face Exercises

Don’t be shy when it comes to doing these exercises, sit in front of the mirror and give it your all. The idea is to stretch and energise your face muscles so they firm up. There are many different types, such as the X and O - Saying the letters ‘X’ and ‘O’ in an exaggerated way can help tone the cheek and jaw bone muscles. You could even try something called ‘hippo jaws’ which include opening your mouth as wide as possible. While we can’t be certain if these exercises will hamper the ageing process, we can say that it certainly will bring blood circulation to the face, improving your skin.

3. Facial Massages

You know those massages you get after a good facial, well those work wonders for toning the face. In fact, some salons offer special face, neck and back massages that target those muscle groups. These massages help to bring circulation to these often tense areas. So, after you do your face exercise for fat reduction it’s a good idea to get a massage to help lift skin and prevent sagging.

4. Contouring

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If you haven’t heard of contouring, it is an art to enhance the shadows of your face with a dark pigment to give you an illusion of a slim face, especially when you have foundation on, which is a supremely plain base. A good contour kit can be a girl’s best friend. So, get on to YouTube, and find videos from your favourite beauty gurus on how to contour.

5. A Good Haircut

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A haircut that frames the face can really make your face look longer and slimmer. Even a good blow dry that falls straight on either side of the face, can make a wide jawline or round face look sleeker. So don’t underestimate the power of an expert hairstylist.

6. Chewing Gum or Eating Salads

Ever notice how much exercise your jaw and mouth get from just chewing gum or eating a salad with hard raw vegetables? All that chewing makes the muscles in that area leaner and stronger. So, make yourself a nice salad with tons of raw carrots, so that your muscles get all the exercise needed. Maybe this is the real reason behind experts saying that you need to chew your food up to 30 times before swallowing!

7. Hit The Gym

There is no real way to target fat loss in key areas, so if you want to look leaner on the face, you’ll have to start with your whole body. Hit the gym, or add more physical activity to your daily routine. Take a walk during your lunch and tea breaks or start to count your calories - whatever works best for you. Consult a health and fitness expert and kickstart that weight loss plan. If you’re diligent, within weeks you’ll start to see your face look leaner and your body look stronger.

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8. Eat Clean

Most people who have gone through tremendous weight loss will say that the biggest change to their lifestyle wasn’t just getting active, but was rather cleaning up their diet. No matter how much you hit the gym, if you’re eating junk food and sugar-rich foods, chances are you’re still putting on weight. So clean up your plate and eventually, the weight from not just your face but your body as well, will start to shed.

9. Fun Selfie Apps

While you’re in the process of doing the things above, you can still get your selfie to look a wee bit slimmer. However, if that’s still not doing it for you, and you want extreme results, then try one of the many selfie apps available nowadays. Not only can you slim down a jawline, but some apps give you the option to enlarge eyes and even out skin tone. So, depending on how far you want to take your appearance, you can find an app to help!

We hope all these tips and tricks will up your selfie game. If you’ve found a technique that works for you, remember to tag us, we’d love to see!