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How To Deal With Friendships At The Workplace

How To Deal With Friendships At The Workplace

Making friends in the workplace is not always easy. You don't know who to trust and you never really know how your words will travel through the grapevine. A lot of us have been party to idle gossip, but also formed lasting friendships. These strong workplace friendships definitely enrich our professional life and help us lead a less stressful day at work. Here are some tips to deal with friendships at the workplace!

1. Avoid the gossip

This is perhaps the first rule to making lasting relationships at workplace. Build your friendship outside of all the idle gossip that exists in office. We understand your friendship may begin on this premise but if it can go beyond that, then it's perfect!

1 deal with friendships at the workplace

2. Be cordial to all

Sure, you like some of your colleagues a little more than the rest. But instead of being selective and always choosing your friends as your partners, try to maintain a balance when you're given group tasks. Try to be as inclusive as possible and don't let others feel you dislike them on purpose.

3. Don't be partial

It's often a pitfall of being friends with those you work with. Have the courage to call a spade a spade and don't let your personal relationships cloud your judgement when it comes to administrative decisions. As human beings, we tend to get biased when reviewing the performance of co-worker friends but it's actually unfair to them as much as it is to others.

3 deal with friendships at the workplace

4. Spend balanced amount of time

You might find a BFF at work but it's ideal to maintain some distance and spend only so much time together. This is good for both of you as it allows you room to forge other friendships at work, too.

5. Don't spill all the secrets

Yes, yes, yes, we know you're thinking ‘But why not?’ The answer to that is simple - No matter how well you know the person unless you both are sharing personal information regarding your lives equally, it's probably a good idea to not overshare. The line between a good co-worker and a good friend is blurry, but know that they're also someone who will meet you as a colleague each day. Sensitive information that you’re privy to shouldn’t be shared just because you are friends.

5 deal with friendships at the workplace

6. Discern their motives

If you're getting close to someone at the workplace, try to understand their motives a little more. They may be nice and friendly with you so they can leverage you in some way, or get information. Be wary of such friendships.

7. Establish clear boundaries

Calling out your great friend when he or she isn't performing at work is definitely the hardest thing to do. A lot of times it is so because you know they're having personal challenges. All that said and done, draw the line between being a colleague and being a friend and establish that at the start of your friendship to plug any space for misunderstandings!

7 deal with friendships at the workplace

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Published on Feb 25, 2018
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