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9 Easy Ways To Build A Positive Work Culture

9 Easy Ways To Build A Positive Work Culture

We spend most of our day at work, especially those of us who work a 9 to 5 job. And more often than not, we hate it. The word ‘work’ has a negative connotation in our lives and can I just say, that’s not okay! On the risk of sounding preachy I am going to say the obvious, your work environment needs to be your comfort zone. Especially if you’ve just started adulting, here are a few handy tips if you’re craving a positive work culture, here are ways to earn brownie points!

1. Smile Often

Turn that frown upside down, smile at strangers at work! A few might not return the smile but a huge portion of people just might and they’ll eventually become a part of your squad. Don’t let the vacant stares bring you down but don’t go crazy either (you aren’t Pennywise!).

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Get down and dirty with some books on positivity like The Science of Positivity by Loretta Graziano Breuning (Rs 299) and The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (Rs 243).

2. Celebrate Wins

This one is a personal point, if you did something right or won some appreciation at work - share the love! This’ll keep you motivated to work towards more and help reach deadlines, minus the whining.  

3. Move Around

Don’t glue yourself to your desk, move around the office. Go get your own coffee instead of asking the staff to send it to your table. Make your face known in the team, the more familiar you seem, the more friendly they get.  

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4. Share Gratitude

Use your magic words, say ‘Please,’ ‘Sorry’ and ‘Thank You’ as often as needed. It’ll gain you some space in good books and also make those who are helping you, feel your gratitude.

Looking for inspiration? Mirror Work: 21 Days to Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay (Rs 176), Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg (Rs 300) and How the World Works by Noam Chomsky (Rs 490) are great pieces to binge read.

5. Take In & Share Ideas

Participate in the brainstorming sessions, offer ideas and listen to those around you. Don’t be afraid to get into discussions and always be open to criticism (there is little to no room for your ego at work).

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6. Create Trust

Everybody loves a little gossip, but you need to establish a trust factor with your team. Be the person they come to when something is going wrong, offer help and be supportive.

7. Bring In Treats

Baking for the office might seem like hard work but it’ll take you a long way. Or just order in treats, anything as small as chocolates works. The point of the gesture isn’t to bribe them but show everyone that you care.

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8. Be Spontaneous

Being closed off and sheltered isn’t the best way to create a comfort zone, be fun (just the right amount). Suggest bowling nights, trampoline parks or casual team lunches so you get to know each other in an informal setting.

9. Motivate Others

If your coworker is doing a great job, mention it to them. If you like their work, casually drop into the conversation how you’d love to be as dedicated as them. Everybody likes to be appreciated for the hard work they put in.

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It’s time to conquer your space, girl!

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