An 'A To Z' Guide To Building A Happy And Successful Marriage

An 'A To Z' Guide To Building A Happy And Successful Marriage

Regardless of how long you’ve been married, you keep learning new things about your partner and your relationship. You realise that while you love some of his habits, there are few things you just can’t stand. But that’s okay! No marriage is perfect, but you have to keep trying your best to make it as beautiful as you can. So, here we have for you the ‘A to Z’ of a happy marriage. Don’t forget to share this with your hubby!

A is for Acceptance

Accept your partner for who he is and the way he is. You chose this person to spend the rest of your life with and you must accept him with all his flaws.

a acceptance

B is for Belief

Your partner must always know that you believe in him and that you’re his biggest supporter. Same goes for your husband too.

C is for Commitment

Being committed not just to each other, but also to your marriage. You should make all possible efforts to make the relationship stronger, every day.

D is for Date nights

Just because you’re married doesn’t mean your night outs can’t be as romantic as they were when you were dating. Go out often, plan romantic candle-lit dinners for each other and keep the spark alive.

date nights

E is for sharing Experiences together

Sharing new experiences and trying new things with your better half is so important. Make a bucket list of things you want to do together - learn a new dance form, adopt a pet, take a road trip, it doesn’t matter how big or small.

F is for Forgiveness

Who doesn’t make mistakes? We all do, right? If your partner makes one too, then instead of holding on to it just discuss the problem, sort it out and get over it. To forgive is divine, remember?

G is for romantic Getaways

Dates are one thing, getaways are another. With your hectic work schedules, a weekend getaway is all you need to spend some quality time with each other. You’ll be surprised by how much these quick trips will help you bond, even if you’ve known each other forever!


H is for bear Hugs

Those long, all-consuming, cosy hugs that can make everything seem better.

I is for Intimacy

And by intimacy we don’t just mean sex. The relationship between a husband and wife should be full of warmth. They should be connected on mental, emotional and physical levels. Make sure you invest time in all these areas.

J is for Jealousy

We do feel jealous in relationships. While sometimes it is unnecessary and may weigh your relationship down, other times, it’s actually okay. It makes you realise that your partner values you and is afraid to lose you, which is a good thing. But it must never be on the extreme.


K is for Kiss-and-no-tell

Everything that happens in your conjugal life is your business and no one else’s. So keep it amongst yourself, until and unless it is something that needs to be brought to the attention of outsiders.

L is for Listening

Communication is essential in a relationship. Be a good listener.

M is for Making joint decisions

No, we don’t mean you need to decide the colour of the curtains together. But all major decisions that affect you as a couple should be taken jointly.

making joint decisions

N is for Never ending love for each other

We cannot stress this enough. Love alone cannot do anything for a marriage, but everything else is incomplete if your marriage lacks love.

O is for Opinions

Although both of you are a team, holding on to your individuality is also important in a marriage. It’s not necessary that what your partner says is always right, or vice versa. Have your own opinion.

P is for keeping Promises

Just making promises is not enough. You should keep your promises too.


Q is for never Questioning your relationship

There is not one couple who haven’t faced a problem in their marriage. But, regretting your relationship is not the way to go about it. Try and find a solution for the problem in a mature way rather than questioning your decision.

R is for Respect

And by that we mean mutual respect not just for each other, but for the other person’s work, career, choices, opinions, family and everything else that matters to them too!

S is for Sex it up

Do we need to say anything about it?


T is for being Truthful

Being honest with your partner is the only way to make a marriage work. Lying to each other might solve some purpose right now, but it will only adversely affect your relationship in the long run!

U is for Understanding

Put yourself in your partner's shoes and try to understand the situation. Be patient and listen to what he’s saying and understand why he’s saying it.

V is for Vacations

At least one long vacation in a year! Take time off from your various commitments, and spend quality time with each other. Being together in a new city and location will give new heights to your relationship, no matter how many years have passed since your marriage.


W is for Walking together

Both, literally and emotionally. One’s never too old to walk hand-in-hand, and there’s something about it that’s just so beautiful!

X is for Xcitement

Who said that relationships get boring as the years pass? Don’t ever let the child in you die and keep the spark and excitement alive… Always!

Y is for ‘You’ time

However important it is to spend quality time with each other, it is equally essential to have your own space. Take out some time for yourself and relax with a glass of wine or your favourite book!

you time

Z is for Zeal

Making a marriage work, requires some work! You have to make an effort, for your loved one and for your marriage. But it’s totally worth it!

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