11 Before-The-Marriage Steps For A *Happy* Life After!

11 Before-The-Marriage Steps For A *Happy* Life After!

Finally, the wedding date is fixed and you cannot wait to spend your life with your one true love. It’s a very exciting time - after all, you’re about to begin your ‘happily ever after’! And to make sure that your life with your husband is as beautiful as you’ve always imagined it to be, here are a few things to do before marriage which will help you bond better with the fiance.   

1. Hello Dating!

Who says you can’t date your fiance? Treat your courtship period as a dating phase. Go on dates, find out about each other’s likes and dislikes, give meaningful gifts and do everything you’d do if you were dating this man. This will help get you two closer and you’ll both be very comfortable with each other by the time your wedding date arrives.

1 things to do before marriage

2. Use Up Those Free Minutes!

Spend long hours talking on the phone to each other. It’s easier to reveal who you are and discuss everything about yourself on late night phone calls than anywhere else.

3. Take A Vacation Together

Travelling together helps two people bond and get closer. If it’s not possible for just the two of you to travel, go with a bunch of friends or just take a one-day road trip.

3 things to do before marriage

4. Questions, So Many Questions!

Ask your partner everything you want to. The topics can range from his past to his hopes and dream, fears and goals. Try and know as much as there is to know about your partner. But be sure that you’re comfortable divulging the same information to him.

5. Some Quality Family Time

Spend some time with each other’s families so that you can bond with them. It’ll be even better if you do it without your partner because you need to have a personal relationship with your in-laws too! Go shopping with your mother-in-law or have him take your parents out for a brunch. It’ll be an excellent bonding exercise and will make things easier for the future!

5 things to do before marriage

6. Set Expectations

It’ll be much better for you both as a couple to start your married life with your expectations from each other clear and defined. You want to make sure that you’re both facing the same way and not moving in different directions. Divide household duties, discuss your future plans and talk about where you want your career to go and the support you expect from each other. Just make sure the expectations are realistic though.

7. Shouting Match

While arguing may not seem like the ideal scenario, it’s good to have a fight with your fiance before the wedding. You’ll understand how each of you handles conflict and how you resolve it. Besides, fighting with your partner is actually good for your relationship. Bottling up your feelings does nobody any good.

7 things to do before marriage

8. Write Love Notes

The charm of a love letter is unmatched! Write love notes expressing what you feel for the other one and give it to them in cute ways like slipping it in their bag. Since both of you will also hold on to these love notes and read them after you’re married, it’ll always be a reminder of why you two fell in love, even on the difficult days.

9. Friends Forever

Friends are an essential support system in each person’s life. Make an effort to hang out with each other’s friends and get along with them. Plus, you’ll get to know a lot about your partner as well. As they say, our friends are a reflection of who we are.

9 things to do before marriage

10. Talk Finances

It is believed that married couples fight about money more than anything else. So it’s better to talk about finances with your SO beforehand. Find out what both of your spending and saving patterns are and discuss it with the other person if your habits differ greatly.

11. Party It Up!

Party it up with your partner. Go clubbing and dance to your heart’s content. Dancing can actually bring you two closer and it’ll be so much fun! What better way to bond than this?

11 things to do before marriage

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