13 #MondayMotivation Quotes To Help You Start The Year Right!

13 #MondayMotivation Quotes To Help You Start The Year Right!

We all regularly get a bad case of the Mondays. It's right after the weekend and just when you've had the laziest two days ever, all you want on a Monday morning is to sleep in and skip work. But sadly, that's not how adulthood works. So we wake up, grumpy and upset, and get to work. But what if the thing that needs to change is not Monday but our attitude? We need to remove the negative connotations from Monday and add some positive ones! And considering the fact that we're starting 2018 with a Monday, why not make sure our new year's resolutions include one to be motivated and always ready to go. Well, here we are, with some of the best #MondayMotivation quotes to get you through the day!

1. T.G.I.M

2. Are you one?

Mondays belong to the go-getters! 😎 - Ugh, another Monday. Right? No! If this is your normal feeling on a Monday then something is wrong there. I mean sure, just staying home to chillex or only spend time with your loved ones is awesome, but isn't really going to work as it doesn't pay the bills. 💰 - But if your job becomes a day job of doom for you then you should look elsewhere. Could be that the job itself was your dream job but the company or boss you're doing it for just sucks. Quit and look for something else. Job hunting is not easy, I know, but the decision itself is. 👊 - Or maybe you've always thought about starting a business yourself? Make a list of what you need, research where you can get it and act on it. Again, I know it's not easy, but it's definitely better than to stay in a dreading environment. 💪 - How I've spent my Monday? Scouting locations for possible video shoots for the company. Skyping with a potential client, making a strong case for us during that hour. Working on some internal projects. Following up on overdue clients. Editing material the website. And working out. 🏋️‍♂️ - How was yours? . . . #motivation #motivationalquote #motivational #inspirationalwords #inspiration #inspirationoftheday #MondayMotivation #mondayblues #mondaymood #motivationmonday #motivationmondays #mondaymotivations #gogetter #gogetters #getgoing #entrepreneurquote #mondayblues #mondaymorning #mondayvibe #mondaypost #mondayvibes #mondayfunday #mondaynight #mondayblue #mondaymuse #mondayoff #mondayflow #mondayfun #mondaylove #mondayitis

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3. Always a rebel!


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4. And we're going to Monday! *happy dancing*

5. Who runs Monday? We do!

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6. Let's all be sharks!

7. And love what you do...

Good Morning!! #MondayMotivation💪🏽

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8. Always listen to the wallet, always!


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9. Get, Set, Goal!

10. Make it count


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11. Just start...