The First Time I... Farted In Front Of My Boyfriend!

The First Time I... Farted In Front Of My Boyfriend!

I don't know about you but I am a strong independent woman, who is more often than not struggling with the ingrained concepts of patriarchy in my mind and trying to do away with it altogether. For example, the 'F' word...farting, of course, has always been an issue with me. For some strange reason, I just cannot fart in front of another human being. If absolutely required, I would walk out of the room or go to the washroom to let it out. You think that's weird? Well, so did my boyfriend

In fact, he considered it the utmost betrayal that I could not fart in front of him. "Why? Aren't you comfortable enough with me?" Of course, I was! This man had seen me at my naked worst, comfortable was definitely a feeling I strongly felt with him. But letting out a fart? I couldn't. No matter how many puppy faces he pulled at me.

One day he actually went on a spree of trying to make me fart. He cooked me gobhi ke parantha and stuffed me until I had to open my pant buttons while sitting down. Fortunately, it didn't work!

Internal farted in front of boyfriend

Now I know you've probably heard of queefing, and other sexual problems couples face. Our sex life, however, was as vanilla as it could get. We'd been sleeping together for the past three months and it was mostly a nice, simple, easy experience. Until that one day when he was over at my place and instead of going the plain Jane way, he lifted my knees up and pushed himself harder. And it felt good, so good!

As much as I like my regular sex, this new trick got me super turned on. And I responded back with even more force!

We were going on like that when suddenly...I queefed! A nice long one at that! In the middle of the hot sex session, my boyfriend just stopped and rolled to the other side, laughing. I quickly wrapped the blanket around me. It was an absolute embarrassment! He kissed me on the forehead and muttered "I love you". "Yeah, yeah" I replied, kissing him back. 

Now I know me queefing wasn't the same as a smelly ol' fart. But that experience really warmed me to up to let it out in front of him. I guess I have that little lesson to take away!

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