15 Signs Your Boyfriend Is AMAZING In Bed! *Wink*

15 Signs Your Boyfriend Is AMAZING In Bed! *Wink*
You know he's the right guy for you and you love him with all of his quirks and flaws. And while your sex life is great too, we know you sometimes wonder if your boyfriend is good in bed. By good, we mean AMAZING, of course! Go on then, find out for yourself girls - here are some signs that will make it all very clear!

1. He makes sure to satisfy all your needs

Sex is not just about him. He understands that his needs and your needs are both just as important, so he doesn't get carried away in his own bliss and totally forgets about yours.

2. You can never wait to jump into bed with him again

No matter how long you've been together, you still anxiously wait for the next time you can have him all to yourself in the bedroom. That's a sign he's definitely doing something right!

3. He cares about your comfort

Sex is amazing but your comfort during sex is his priority. He does whatever he can to make sure that whatever new (or even old) thing you're trying in bed is something you’re comfortable with.

3 boyfriend is good in bed

4. And pauses as soon as he thinks you're in pain

Pain is not just something reserved for ‘first timers‘ and us girls are well aware of that. So when you're trying to twist yourself into that position that seemed exciting, he's more worried about you getting hurt than the exciting sex that will follow.

5. Stop means stop

There could be a million reasons for you to tell him to stop - and he respects ALL of them. It could even just be your mood, and he's more than happy to stop in the middle and cuddle you until you feel better.

6. He's all about compliments

We all have a few insecurities in bed, especially when we're trying something we haven't before. But instead of enjoying in silence, your boyfriend is very vocal and tells you how much he's enjoying (if not in words, then in moans) and that gives you more confidence!

6 boyfriend is good in bed

7. And also good with directions

He's never offended when you tell him to do something in a different way, or to try a different technique that might bring you more pleasure - he makes it a point to put these directions to very good use!

8. He knows your erogenous zones

He notices the little things that bring you pleasure - and stores away all that information in his brain. So when he suddenly nibbles on your ear during sex and you feel an instant rush - that's him, trying to do everything he can to make you feel amazing!

9. You never feel embarrassed about any sounds you make

What, human bodies makes some odd sounds during sex, okay? And he totally gets that. You never need to try and control or hide the sound of a queef. Not with him!

9 boyfriend is good in bed

10. He's always up for experiments

He's a never say never kind of guy when it comes to a little bit of experimentation - especially when it comes to sex. You don't have to worry about him not being on the same page if you want to kick it up a notch.

11. And doesn't complain when all you want is missionary

Ah, good ol' missionary. Let's not deny that while we may be wild cats in bed on some days, we actually really appreciate this simple position on others. And you don't ever hear him complain about this!

12. Your fantasies are his fantasies

It's never about, ‘but I want to try... ’ or ‘but you want to try…’ If there are some fantasies you would like live out in bed, he's never one to judge you for them. He wants you to bloom sexually just as much as you yourself want to.

12 boyfriend is good in bed

13. Foreplay with him is never rushed

Gold star for the guys who are all about the foreplay! Sex might be great either way, but he makes an effort to make the build up great too!

14. He gives more, if not as much, as he takes

Yes, we're talking about oral sex, girls! And your boyfriend doesn't care about when he got his last blow job - he won't let that affect the fact that when he wants to go down on you, he'll go down on you. With pleasure (tons of it, actually)!

15. You can't stop smiling goofily after sex with him

This is a pretty obvious giveaway, isn't it? All said and done, when you're lying next to him completely exhausted, trying to catch your breath, you're happy and your smile doesn't lie!

15 boyfriend is good in bed

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