11 Sex Struggles That Are SO Real (Yes, Even For Happy Couples!)

11 Sex Struggles That Are SO Real (Yes, Even For Happy Couples!)

No matter how much we try to make things perfect in our lives, there will still always be a few glitches. Such is life! Even when it comes to sex, you can’t always make it perfect and end up facing a few struggles whether you like it or not. Here are a few sex struggles even the happiest couples face and it’s okay!

1. Not being able to find the right spot

A lot of couples don’t know where the right spot is for the longest time and that’s completely okay. It takes time and experience to know all the erogenous zones and it’s okay to take this time to know where all the amazing ‘spots’ lie.

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2. Not being able to perform better after too much partying

While drinking can be a lot of fun and partying with your partner is fun, a lot of couples struggle to get it on after that extra bit of partying. The thing is, that’s totally fine. Don’t be embarrassed about it. Either don’t drink too much if you have a night planned or just go to sleep instead and try the next morning!

3. Climaxing too soon

Well, there are days when we’re just a little extra sexually charged. These are the days when one of the two climaxes too soon. Yeah, it just ends the session for the other person and can be a turn-off but it’s more common than you think it is. There is one thing you can do to solve this problem in case it is prevalent and that is practice! That sounds doable, right?

4. Queefing during sex

Queefing is a result of trapped pocket air getting pushed out of a woman's vagina. It just causes a moment of embarrassment between two people but it’s absolutely normal and most couples just laugh it out!

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5. Not being able to orgasm

It’s okay if you’re not being able to orgasm because sex can still be pretty good without an orgasm. So no reason to beat yourself over it! You can just keep practicing and get better!

6. A broken condom

Condom malfunction is something that no couple can avoid because it’s just unfortunate. However, you can make sure the condom you are using is not expired and is in proper condition. You can predict a broken condom but you can prevent it from happening to the best of your abilities!

7. Using teeth during a blowjob

While girls might have aced the BJ game, they might just end up using teeth unintentionally. It can be quite hurtful to your partner and hence, it’s better if you be extra careful about any such mishaps!

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8. Muscle cramps

While you’re at it, you maybe twisting, turning and changing like a million position which is why it is completely natural to have muscle cramps. In fact, some couples actually have to stop the act to fix their cramps. But those who know no blood, no foul get over it pretty fast!

9. The struggle of not finding the right place

We all may be very active sexually but sometimes fail to have sex because we just can’t find a legit place where we can. Not all couples live together or alone, so finding a place is that one struggle that we can’t really find a solution to. When finding a place to stay the night with your partner, make sure where you are staying is a legal and reputed place because you don’t want to get in trouble with the law because of this!

10. Sweating a little too much

Since the sexual tension between two people is so strong, there is usually a lot of sweating that happens even in the coldest of areas. It’s normal for people to sweat during sex. In fact, for some, it’s a little sexy! In case you feel you are sweating too much, there are products that can help you curb the odour and make it better for your partner!

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11. Not being in the right mood

Well, there have to be some days when you’re not in the mood and it is completely normal to feel that way. Not all couples mutually want to have sex at the same time. Just save it for when you want to have sex at the same time, consent is not just important, it makes things better!

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