Is It Really Possible To Be Friends With Your Ex Boyfriend?

Is It Really Possible To Be Friends With Your Ex Boyfriend?

Breaking up with someone you love is the worst thing that can happen to a person. No matter how strong you feel you are, you end up losing a major chunk of your heart to your ex. So, what happens to you two after the break-up? You've made a million memories and spent so much time together that it's hard to imagine a life without them. So, when you break up, where does the love go? For some, the love was already long gone and for others, it's still there but they believe in steering clear of any connection. But that's really not all. Another choice everyone has is whether or not they want to be friends with their exes. But is there really a possibility of a friendship or are we all blinded by emotions?

While we may not have the one-size-fits-all answer but we can probably try scrutinizing the situation a little and think about all the possibilities just to have a clearer and more concrete answer. While every couple is different, the love two people share is essentially the same. I have always been in the favour of having no contact with your ex after a break-up because, for me, it's either black or white and never grey. However, I have had people around me who were okay with being in touch after the breakup. But you know what? There is always a catch. This is a personal opinion but a very strong one at that.

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Mostly couples who break up and decide to 'stay in touch' mess up. At least in the initial days of the aftermath, because let's face it guys, no one wants to know about the person they dated and their possible new dates. You just cannot take it no matter on what end you're in. Both the dumper and the dumpee are equally affected and it's a very natural thing. Hence, it's never healthy to be in touch with your ex. At least till you've completely healed and over the other person. Otherwise you two will only end up making things dirty no matter how much you try to avoid that. And even though you might not have the bitterness, meeting as friends may reignite the previous spark. It's a vicious circle of running from and to your ex.

Hence, it's always good to let the dust settle before becoming friends. An ex-detox is absolutely necessary. There is always a chance to get back as friends a few months (or years) later and have that person back in your life. You need to move on until then, completely unaware of their whereabouts and activities the same goes for them. It's never healthy to keep track of the very person you are trying to forget. You need to learn to love yourself and that wouldn't be possible by going back to anything that broke you in the first place. And while your ex may be a great person and friend, things didn't work out with them and that's something that you need to remember and let them go. At least for a while!

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