9 Things That Make You Realise You're Turning Hella Old!

9 Things That Make You Realise You're Turning Hella Old!

Your twenties are the weird transitional years where you go from ‘Woohoo, look, I am adulting!’ to ‘Urgh, no, I can’t do another day!’ But then, you also often challenge each other to ‘shots, shots, shots.’ All in all, it can be a confusing state to be in. So if you’re wondering you’ve crossed the young threshold, let me help you folks out. I am sharing with you a couple of things that made me realise that I am turning hella old in my twenties!

1. The first thing I think of when someone says weekday parties is NOPE!

I mean, really, the only reason I will actually go is because they’ve got wine...and some fried goodness. If that's not turning old then I don't know what is!

1 turning old

2. My childhood TV channels are shutting down!

I will not get over Channel V shutting shop in my twenties. Not in this lifetime, at least.

3. My Facebook feed has wedding pictures (and not even just during the season).

I am sorry, but whatever happened to drunk night pictures? Where did these family portraits come from? Ugh, adulting, you're making life worse!

3 turning old

4. Instead of thinking of what to wear, I actively think of excuses not to go.

Um, my pet Iguana just ate my sock?

5. I have LIC premiums to pay and taxes to file!

Adulting is when you actually start planning for your own death.

5 turning old

6. I will choose Jimmy Choo over Sarojini Nagar boots because I am thinking long-term!

That’s right, I am thinking long-term about my boots.

7. ‘I’m so sleepy!’ is my go-to response to everything.

I could sleep 10 hours and still be sleepy. I could sleep the entire weekend and still be sleepy. Go figure!

7 turning old

8. Spontaneity annoys me.

Who do you think you are? Tom Cruise? Just make regular plans like regular people! Calling me a few hours in advance and expecting me to say yes is not even cool anymore. And for this, I actually thank adulting!

9. I am genuinely enjoying writing this article!

I mean it feels like everything in my life was leading up to this moment! I would like to thank my parents and friends for their unconditional love and support…

9 turning old

Ah, well. Don’t worry you might be turning old but as they say, age is just a number (and mine will remain somewhere in the 20s all my life, I’ve decided). *wink wink*

Happy adulting, y’all!

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