19 ‘Why, God, WHY’ Moments Every Girl Has!

19 ‘Why, God, WHY’ Moments Every Girl Has!
How can we keep calm and not fret when there are zillions of things that keep getting on our nerves every now and then?! Well, we girls have got way too long a list of things that make us want to throw our hands up in the air and say ‘Why, God, Why??’ Here are 19 things that annoy girls and make them go all shades of mad and crazy! Ughh...struggles that girls go through!

1. Yet again not being able to draw that oh-so perfect winged liner, EVER!!!

2. When none of those cute bras fit you and you’re forced to settle for the not-so-cute ones!

3. Having a forever busy boyfriend! Seriously, why, God, why?????

3 struggles that girls go through

4. Omnipresent aunties and their ever-criticizing gazes! Somebody take them to Mars and leave them there, please?

5. When that nasty zit decides to pop up on your face all of a sudden, right before that event you wanted to go to and *needed* to look flawless…

6. Hair-cut gone wrong. Horrified and mortified, TOTALLY!

6 struggles that girls go through

7. Wearing that gorgeous pair of heels and getting a shoe bite! Why can’t heels be comfortable?!

8. When you’ve enough clothes but still got ‘nothing to wear’! #TheStruggleIsReal

9. When you look hot AF and the mirror agrees but the camera says LOL…

9 struggles that girls go through

10. Stalking that cutie on social media only to discover he’s already hooked and booked!

11. Every bad hair day, because there are PLENTY of bad hair days. Mind you, this is a totally different story than that of a haircut gone wrong! *Sobs*

12. All set to slay that YouTube makeup tutorial but the results are #BelowAverage #Poor #Hahaha #NeverMind

12 struggles that girls go through

13. When in the middle of an argument the Boyfriend turns into a #DramaQueen!

14. When you’re all dolled up and just as you step out - the wind plays that trick and your hair blows only to get stuck to your lipgloss!

15. When you can’t wear that chic white skirt, those ice-blue shorts and even those beige pants - because period!

15 struggles that girls go through

16. And, oh, those cramps and those mood-swings… Let’s not even go there!

17. Those sky-high prices of our favourite fragrances and beauty products… *Sigh*

18. When the parlour lady messes up your eyebrows… Forget twins, they don’t even look sisters now!!

18 struggles that girls go through

19. Last but not the least… Relatives that have no other queries than ‘Shaadi kab kar rahi ho?

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