#LegallyBlonde : Shraddha's Hair Transformation Is Gonna Make You Want A Makeover

#LegallyBlonde : Shraddha's Hair Transformation Is Gonna Make You Want A Makeover

Come winter and it’s time for a change. After Lisa Haydon went platinum blonde, a POPxo team member surprised us with a drastic hair makeover.

POPxo Video Star and Assistant Producer, Shraddha Gurung switched teams by going from brunette to blonde.

shradhha 1

“It’s been a long time since I’ve actually experimented with my look. After 3 months of going back and forth, I decided it was time to switch things up,” she says.

shradhha 4

After not having coloured her hair for 4 years, Shraddha decided to take a leap with blonde ombre. Ombre means shading in French and when done right, it contours your hair and adds dimension to your face structure.


Leaving her roots untouched (to blend it with her original hair colour), Shraddha was sure she wanted to stick to warm tones. The crown has shades of brown building up shades of blonde and caramel. Similiar to ombre, the colour blends from one shade to another seamlessly.

“All that bleach and pigment can cause some damage to your mane. Since going light on dark brown calls for a lot of bleach and chemicals, I will go platinum blonde in a few months,” she says.

sharadhha 2

Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who changes her hairstyle is about to change her life." So, what’s next for Shraddha? “My plans for 2018 include exploring new places and finally taking that advanced course in make-up,” she shares.

Check out Shraddha's hair routine here. The amazing crew at API Ruche' Unisex Salon Gurgaon is responsible for her gorgeous new look

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