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The BEST Hair Colour Ideas For Your Skin Tone!

The BEST Hair Colour Ideas For Your Skin Tone!

We know it’s confusing to choose a hair colour. Should you go with red or auburn? Honey or caramel? Purple or chestnut? Well, let your complexion decide for you! You see, every skin tone has different hair colours that flatter it amazingly. What looks amazing on dusky skin might not go so well with pale skin. Read on to know what colour goes best with your skin tone!

1. Pale

1 hair colour according to skin tone Image: Katrinakaif_official on Instagram If you have pale skin, you can experiment with lighter shades of hair colour. A light brown global colour with even lighter brown highlights can warm up your complexion and look great on you. Stay within two tones of your natural hair colour and avoid very dark and very light shades as they can make you look washed out. Opt instead for strawberry blonde or warm red highlights.

2. Fair

2 hair colour according to skin tone Image: Kareenakapoorkhan on Instagram Gorgeous red-based dyes look gorgeous with a fair skin tone with cool undertones. Start with a chocolatey base and add a hint of red to it. Mahogany and auburn colours will make your face glow! Dark brown is also a good colour on you, so choose a shade that will compliment you. Highlights that are a few shades lighter than your global brown will look fantastic.

3. Olive

3 hair colour according to skin tone Image: Priyanka Chopra on Instagram It is usually dark hair colours that go best with olive skin tones, regardless of whether the skin undertone is warm or cool. If your hair is naturally black, consider going in for dark brown highlights or even dark blown global colouring. Stay within two shades of your natural hair colour, even if you’re going darker. Mocha, chestnut, auburn and caramel highlights will really bring out the best in you!
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4. Tan/ Medium

4 hair colour according to skin tone Image: Zendaya on Instagram Most Indian girls are blessed with a tan or medium complexion. Avoid light blonde highlights! They usually do not compliment our deeper skin tones. If you want to lighten your hair colour, opt instead for a medium-brown shade and honey highlights. You can also experiment with ombre - going lighter gradually from your natural hair colour - for a really chic look!

5. Dusky

5 hair colour according to skin tone Image: Bipasha Basu on Instagram People with dusky skin tones can experiment with intense colours that don’t usually look great with fair skin. You can add a fun twist to your look by going with one or two bright red or purple highlights. Colours like espresso and raven brown can make you look stunning, so go ahead and get dyeing! Featured Image: Shutterstock HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here!
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Published on Jun 4, 2016
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