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Dear Hubby, *This* Is How I Wan't To Celebrate Our First New Year Together!

Dear Hubby, *This* Is How I Wan't To Celebrate Our First New Year Together!

To think that last year you were a single entity makes you marvel at life right? So much has happened in a year and now you have a husband to bring in the New Year with! So, of course, you have every right to dream celebrating your first New Year's Eve with hubby!  And no, we won’t judge if you casually leave this open for him to read and get a hint! *Wink*

1. Wanderlusting

Since the year has been such an adventure, you could conclude it on an adventurous note too! Go to a place that you’ve never been and bring in the New Year far away from everyone and closest to each other.

1 new years eve

2. Food Fiesta

Perfect for the foodie couple, plan an elaborate dinner at one of the city’s finest eating establishments. The most glorious date night of the year shall forever be remembered for how it satiated your souls and your stomachs. PS: The best places get booked out early so make a reservation right away.

3. Low Key Happiness

The year, we assume, has been super eventful and so all you two could use this new year’s eve is some much needed peace and quiet. In this case, plan a lovely night in. We’re thinking candle-lit dinner and homemade sangria along with some soothing instrumental tunes.

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3 new years eve

4. Family Goals!

What’s a special occasion without the Fam Jam, haan? Plan something with both your families and watch everyone feel super special and included. We think it’s a great way to ring in the New Year with the best vibes only!

5. Do Good!

If you two have an astute sense of social responsibility, then that’s truly commendable and amazing. Save up the money you would have spent while partying and go to an orphanage or old age home. Donate your time and money and bring in the New Year by receiving the best kind of blessings!

5 new years eve

6. Friends like family!

If you have a bunch of crazies in your life who make it worth living, then make sure you plan a fun New Year’s Eve party with them! Perhaps you and hubby could host all your friends at home this year? It is after all your first New Year together and maybe this could set the precedent for many years to come!

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7. Naughty New Year

Hello newlyweds! Don’t think we don’t know where your mind really is. Maybe you two can make some *ahem* elaborate plans for this New Year’s Eve. Oh, and for that – the place doesn’t really matter. All you need is a bed or maybe not even that!

7 new years eve

8. Nostalgia Lane

Why don’t you two recreate your first ever date this New Year’s Eve? Go to the same place you met first and reignite the romance. We think it’s a pretty sweet way to bring in the New Year.

9. Bar Crawl

If you two are alcohol aficionados, spend New Year’s Eve having all your favourite drinks at all your favourite bars. By the time the clock strikes 12, you two will be in a heady world of your own. Don’t forget to invite your friends over to one (or many) of your pit stops for the night!

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9 new years eve

10. Party All Night

If dancing is your jam, then find out where the wildest party is happening on New Year’s eve. Nothing beats the rush of dressing up and stepping out and dancing away till the wee hours! It’ll be a happy New Year – indeed!

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Published on Dec 21, 2017
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