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All The Erotic Books To Read Before You Get Ready For Your *Suhaagraat*!

Whenever the word 'erotic' has been used, it has always been identified with something that is filthy and pornographic, which is so not true! Erotic novels are not only about BDSM, billionaires and their brunettes but also entail some great writing and an intriguing plot. And a great love story along with a bit of sexiness is the thing you need to start your wedding night with. Reading an erotic novel would not only help you know what turns you on but would also open you up to explore an answer to your inner sexual desires. Are you ready for the guilt trip? Let’s go!

Just read these erotic novels, put some sexy lingerie on, light up the candles and you're all set for that perfectly sexy wedding night!

Published on Dec 26, 2017
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