10 *Everyday* Things That Change After You Tie The Knot!

10 *Everyday* Things That Change After You Tie The Knot!

When you tie the knot and officially become a Mrs, things do change. Other than the major changes (such as shifting your house) there are several things that aren’t always that obvious. If you’re getting married sometime soon, then here is a list of things that will change once you tie the knot. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

1. How much you nap

Sleep is an important topic for newly weds and takes over many discussions, after the wedding. Does the husband complain when you choose sleep over him? Is he the one who wonders how you don’t ever need naps? Do you nap as much as you really want to?

1 when you get married nap

2. The way you address him

If you were dating him before the wedding then there’s a chance you have all sorts of nicknames for him, ranging from the cute to funny ones, that you can only use in private. But we are willing to bet you will be more conscious of what you call him after the wedding.

3. Your relationship with your own siblings

It’s very natural that with a physical move come emotional repercussions. So since you might not see your siblings as much, you probably will stop fighting like cats and dogs.

3 when you get married friends  

4. Your shopping rituals

You become more pragmatic about shopping. You could still hold onto it as a private ritual or it might possibly become an activity for two.

5. How you react to others having children

Now that you are married, it isn’t as easy to dismiss the topic of children! You find yourself wondering about your life plan, and where children fit in that equation.

5 when you get married cameron diaz

6. How you fight with him

If pre-marriage fights were all about flying tempers and doors banging, post marriage fights brings in a passive aggressive dimension. You continue to co-exist while the silent treatment is your weapon of choice...

7. The intimacy angle

With the proximity comes the heightened intimacy; at least that’s the way it works for most Indian couples. There is a certain joy and victory in your newfound sync.

7 when you get married varun alia

8. You become more forgiving

He is capable of driving you up the wall but you are willing to let so many things go. Peace becomes paramount in marriage.

9. Your hygiene habits

Now that you live with a significant other, you make an extra effort to smell nice...All. The. Time.

9 when you get married yes

10. How you spend your free time

No matter what your life was like earlier, now is the time that you rewire your life – habits, routine, et al – according to the person you’ve chosen to spend it with.

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