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7 Offbeat Date Ideas To Try With Your Guy Next Time

7 Offbeat Date Ideas To Try With Your Guy Next Time

Aren’t you tired of the same old routine of movies-and-a-dinner date with your boyfriend? It’s time to spice things up, those three course meals are the reason you might even get bored with each other. Don’t take this the wrong way; we know how comfy coupledom can be. But, all \takeout and no spice, makes you a dull duo. No matter how long you’ve been dating, you can tactically avoid being the ‘boring’ couple. I’m all about that Netflix and Chill, nothing feels better than cuddling while watching Stranger Things and sharing a pizza. But, you’ll eventually have to get out of bed and when you do, I made a list of not-so-boring date ideas that’ll get both of you excited!

1. Karaoke Bar

No matter how crappy you sound, everybody turns into Beyonce after a few shots. Get your funk on with your partner, sing along to some tunes and make it a night to remember.

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Catch Karaoke nights at Raasta in Green Park, New Delhi on Tuesday nights.

2. Flea Markets & Food Walks

Dating a foodie? Luckily, India is rich in street food culture and has a billion prominent joints sprawled across her cities. Go on a food walk to Bengali Market, in New Delhi, or Brigade Road, in Bengaluru. Either way, the point is to have lots of fun along the way. On the other hand you could also go for a three-course meal, but at three different restaurants with different cuisines. It’s good to change things it and add some variety.

3. A Live Gig

Catch a cover band live or just your local indie singer at a pub. Good music and good food can sometimes, make all the difference. If you don’t have the same taste in music, then stand-up comedy is an alternative where you wouldn’t be forced to have a conversation with each other, whilst having a good laugh.

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4. Museums & Art Galleries

If you’re just getting to know one another, then long walks at the Humayun Tomb in New Delhi, and visiting the Art Galleries in your city, are dates that’ll define you. It’s a great way to assess if the two of you have similar likes and dislikes; especially, if you are artsy. Then, you’d need him to watch Loving Vincent with you this weekend.

5. Bowling

It’s time to get your competitive streak on, beat him at bowling or if you don’t know how to play then maybe take this chance to learn something new. The concept behind the date is to immerse yourself in an activity that you’ll both enjoy.

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6. Gaming Arcade

Who doesn’t love Mario Kart and Pinball? Play the double player games or go around the arcade and after an hour, compare who has collected the maximum tokens. It’s time to be a kid again.

7. Weekend Breakfast

Early breakfast on a Sunday morning will help you two bond. Imagine waking up to go for a long drive, followed by watching the sunrise at a waffle food truck. Plus, breakfast by the sea is so underrated. So, if you have that option, make a day out of it.

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Get planning, ladies!

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