Confessions Of A Girl Who Has A Lingerie Fetish

Confessions Of A Girl Who Has A Lingerie Fetish

Don’t we all have kinky fetishes? Well, mine just happens to be splurging on pretty lingerie. I actually buy them to impress my boyfriend in the bedroom, even though I know eventually it’s likely to remain on me for less than 5 seconds! As weird as it sounds, I really take the effort to invest in the best lingerie. The thong needs to match the colour of my bra and the fabric needs to be of great quality. And the better the lingerie, the more turned on I feel.

In these few years, I’ve spent thousands of rupees on lingerie and I’m not guilty about it. Just like red lipstick, I think great lingerie can be a powerful mood lifter for most women. Every time I slip into my lacy underwear, I feel beautiful and confident. When I see myself in the mirror, I see a proud and sensual woman.

And, obviously, when I feel beautiful the happiness is bound to show up on my face. It makes it easier for me to get in the mood and seduce my boyfriend. As for him, he doesn’t seem to have any problem with my quirks. In fact, he loves them as much I as I do!

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Thanks to this fetish of mine, time spent in the bedroom feels like a new adventure every time. I remember this one time, we set up UV lights in the bedroom and both of us wore lingerie that shone bright under the light. His neon boxers and my fluorescent hipster briefs made it all playful and fun; we couldn’t see each other’s bodies yet we were more into the sex than on any other day! That was also the night we first ventured out into the world of roleplay and sex toys together.

We’ve been a part of each other’s life for four years now and never has monotony been a companion between the sheets. I feel that lingerie has played a huge role in bringing the two of us together sexually. In fact, till today my boyfriend can’t guess what I’m wearing inside. It creates that element of surprise and he can’t seem to get enough of it!

I don’t think lingerie fetish, or any other fetish, is as horrifying as the world makes it sound. After all, it’s done only good for me and my relationship. So I know I am never giving up on lingerie shopping. I would need a bigger space to store them, though. A shelf is not enough, a mini closet would work, perhaps?

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