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14 Badass Replies For When People Say Your Dress Is ‘Too Short’

14 Badass Replies For When People Say Your Dress Is ‘Too Short’

As women, if we had a rupee for every time someone told us how to look, what to eat, whom to date, when to get married, how soon to start procreating, and especially how to dress, we’d be rich beyond our wildest imaginations. We’d love nothing more than to be left alone and not to be told what to do, especially on days where all we want to do is dress up and look our confident best. Unfortunately, there’s always going to be somebody who will object to the length of our dresses, and now, it’s about time we retaliate with everything we’ve got. Here is a list of 13 kickass replies for when people tell you your dress is too short!

1. ‘So is your mind, but I don’t see you widening that even a little bit.’

Give ‘em hell right back!

1 your dress is too short - sarcasm for dumb people

2. ‘Yes, but when did I ask you for your opinion?’

Seriously. When did I?

3. ‘Does it look like I give a single hoot about what you think?’

Because I sincerely don’t, so back off.

4. You should shut your brain off; your stupidity is leaking out of it.

And it may be contagious; please stay away.

4 your dress is too short - gordon ramsay idiot sandwich

5. ‘I am sorry I gave you the impression that I cared for what you think.’

Totally my bad.

6. ‘Please tell me, why is my dress any of your concern?’

The suspense is killing me!

7.  ‘If it bothers you, why are you still looking at it?’

Do you really have nothing better to do in your life?

7 your dress is too short - snl stop doing it

8. *Open your purse* ‘Oh damn. I ran out of f**ks to give!’

Drop that mic, girl!

9. ‘Your mind is too small, you don’t see me taking you to a brain surgeon, do you?’

Because trust me, you need to be looked at ASAP!

10. ‘Really?! OMG! Thank heavens you told me! I was so blind until you came to tell me this!’

If I rolled my eyes any further back, they will explode in my sockets.

10 your dress is too short - ryan reynolds rolling eyes

11. ‘My vagina needs to breathe; this gets the air flowing down there.’

You asked for it.

12. ‘I am rebelling against the tyranny of pants’

How dare you question my belief system.

13. Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

How I wish you knew that.

13 your dress is too short - nobody cares

14. ‘Oh, look, so is this conversation!’ *walk away*

Oh snap!

Now go and slay in your favourite dresses, girls. You do you!

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Published on Aug 28, 2017
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