10 Kickass Answers To The ‘When Will You Get Married?’ Question

10 Kickass Answers To The ‘When Will You Get Married?’ Question
Does your joy of seeing gol gappas at a shaadi also get dampened when you see a pack of aunties approaching you? Do you find yourself looking for excuses to avoid family gatherings because of this dreaded question? Well, we say, enough of that! Here are 10 kickass ways you can answer the ‘when will you get married?’ question that’ll make all the aunties and uncles go whaaaaa?

1. ‘Oh, I already did! Were you not invited?’

Whoops, I guess mom doesn’t like you all that much!

2. ‘Just need a man who can match up to my meme collection!’

How else can we judge his sense of humour? 2 when will you get married

3. ‘30th February.’


4. ‘The day winter finally comes in GoT…’

Life’s too short to not watch Game of Thrones. *goes and cries in a corner* 4 when will you get married

5. ‘I just can’t ask Ranveer to break Deepika’s heart, can I?’

A woman’s got to look out for her own kind, right?

6. ‘Just waiting for the day I can make my own clone because who else can ever match up to all this awesomeness?’

Proceed to give yourself a very dramatic self-five! 6 when will you get married

7. ‘When the Sun rises from the south and Jupiter and Neptune are at a 35.7 degree angle with respect to each other and the Sun.’

Go figure that one out, aunty!

8. ‘Just waiting for him to finalize his divorce.’

Confuse them with some socially unacceptable choices! 8 when will you get married

9. ‘The day Ryan Gosling replies to my tweets!’

It could be any day now!

10. ‘The day you actually resist the urge to ask this question!’

Which would be, like… Never! 10 when will you get married GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr