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13 Crazy Thoughts Girls Have When Bae Misses Their Call!

13 Crazy Thoughts Girls Have When Bae Misses Their Call!

It is the most annoying thing in the world to call your boyfriend and have him miss your call. There are a million thoughts that run through your mind as you constantly stare at your phone till he doesn’t call you back. Here are 13 hilarious but totally relatable thoughts girls have when their boyfriends miss their call!

1. ‘Where is he? What can be more important than me?’

What? WHAT?

2. ‘Is he annoyed with me? Is that why he’s not receiving my calls?’

Did I do something? *Mentally going over all our previous conversations*

3. ‘Now I’m annoyed with him! All he had to do was just pick up and tell me he was busy.’

I’m really understanding, am I not?

3 thoughts girls have emma stone annoyed

4. ‘Does he not want to hear my voice?’

*sniff sniff*

5. ‘How many times do I have to tell him to not keep his phone on silent? He never listens to me!’

What if I was dying or worse, hungry?

6. ‘I would never do this to him. He doesn’t deserve an amazing girlfriend like me.’

I should probably start being more difficult. Only then he’ll appreciate me!

6 thoughts girls have ashley tisdale angry

7. ‘Is he with some other girl?’

I will kill them both!

8. ‘It’s been half an hour. Hasn’t he checked his phone or what?’

He can’t be this careless. He’s so irresponsible!

9. ‘This cannot continue. I’m a strong independent woman. I won’t let him take me for granted.’

He needs to value me, NOW! Going to text and give him a piece of my mind right away!

9 thoughts girls have kristen wig angry

10. ‘I’m just being too paranoid. Maybe he is just busy with his work. I can’t expect him to compromise on that, can I?

Work comes first for me too!

11. ‘Yes obviously I can. I should be his number one priority. I’m the one he’s going to grow old with, not that job.’  

Slowly losing my mind…

12. ‘Oh look, now he’s calling me. I’m not going to answer his call either.’

He needs to suffer like I did!

12 thoughts girls have paris hilton

13. ‘I can’t do this! I will answer his call. He’ll be worried if I don’t answer.’

He’s so blessed to have me in his life!

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