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10 ‘I’m Mad At You’ Texts For When Bae Is Driving You Crazy!

10 ‘I’m Mad At You’ Texts For When Bae Is Driving You Crazy!

Boyfriends can be oh-so-sweet and sometime oh-so-silly. When you are mad at your boyfriend, he doesn’t always get it, does he? Don’t worry, ladies. So is the case with most guys. Here are a few ‘I am mad at you’ texts to send your boyfriend when you want him to know you’re mad at him without really saying so.

1. When he forgets your anniversary...

‘So, listen. I'm gonna buy you some almonds. Maybe then you won’t forget stuff all the time.’ 1 mad at your boyfriend1

2. When he cancels on you twice in the same week...

‘Okay, sure. Tell your other girlfriend I say hi!’

3. When he forgets to call you back...

‘Hey, I think I need to buy you a new watch. Because according to yours 5 minutes is a really long time!’ 3 mad at your boyfriend

4. When he replies to your text in monosyllables...

‘Hey, I know a fun game. Let’s practice the alphabet again… Oops! Sorry! You already are!’

5. When he goes MIA in the middle of sexting...

‘I found this awesome quote somewhere - “One thing at a time and that done well, is a very good rule as many can tell.” Have you heard it?’ 5 mad at your boyfriend

6. When he teases you in front of his friends and crosses the line just a little...

‘See this… __________. This is called a line. Do you remember crossing any today?’

7. When he has been putting off going shopping with you for way too long…

‘Hey, let’s go shopping tomorrow. Oh sorry! I forgot you gotta save a galaxy. You don’t have time for this little thing, do you?’ 7 mad at your boyfriend

8. When he is being annoying for no reason whatsoever!

‘Would you like a sarcastic comment or will a death stare be sufficient for you to know that you probably shouldn’t talk anymore?’

9. When he says that your period cannot be that bad...

‘Oh, is it? They why does it feel like I am dying? Oh, wait! I also feel like killing someone.’ 9 mad at your boyfriend

10. When just doesn't understand that you are mad at him!

‘Honey, you’re kinda pissing me off. I’ve been trying to tell you that for the past 10 minutes. How about you get the hint right about now?’ GIFs: Giphy
Published on Mar 5, 2017
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