10 *Real* Challenges Girls Face In The First Year Of Marriage!

10 *Real* Challenges Girls Face In The First Year Of Marriage!

In all honesty, marriage does bring with it a few challenges for both the woman and the man. It’s a whole new arena for you and it’s natural to find yourself baffled by some of the situations. There’s a lot that’s new and there’s a lot that's unfamiliar…but it’s only a matter of few days (or months!) before you find your happy place and convert your new home and situation into your comfort zone. Here are 10 challenges every newlywed girl faces in the first few months of marriage.

1. Sharing your room… with a man!

It is NOT easy! You may have had a love or arranged marriage and you may have lived with roommates before, but this is different. It takes more time than you ever thought to get used sharing your space, your room, your bed...with your husband. And men, well, we all have an idea of how they are in their personal space!

1 challenges every newlywed girl faces

2. You now have in-laws!

How do we put this one?! Yes, it’s great to have in-laws and with time you’ll hopefully build a great bond with them. But initially, it’s just awkward to be calling someone else ‘mumma and papa’. And yes, it’s difficult to feel at home with them around. It takes time to understand their likes, dislikes, their lifestyle and basically just get used to living with them.  

3. Give me my ghar ka khaana!

One month…two months…naah, you’ll miss your ghar ka khaana for longer than that. No doubt that you’ll enjoy hearty meals at your new home, but mom's food is mom's food! The rajma won’t taste like they did when she cooked it and the aloo ke paranthe just won’t be the same. Trust us, this one’s a real challenge ladies.

4. Feel like a grown up already?

You know what’s the biggest challenge that marriage brings? To suddenly be treated as a grown up! You’re just expected to be more practical, more responsible and behave like a mature woman. It’s quite a task living up to that image…if you actually choose to do so. *Wink*

4 challenges every newlywed girl faces

5. A change of routine

You would’ve been following a set routine for the last 20 something years…and that’s going to change now. From the time you wake up, to how you like your coffee, to your evening schedule. It can’t be exactly the same anymore. Everyone may have different reasons, but changes will take place.

6. Where are my girls?!!!

The first few months of marriage can get hectic. Meeting the new family, dinner invites, setting up your new home and adjusting to your new routine. And all this may take up your ‘me and my girls’ time. Also, this is when you’ll want them the most!

7. A whole new family awaits

While it’s fun to have a new family, cousins, uncles and aunts, it could get a little too much. Being a newlywed you’re at the stage of building the bond and want to put forward your best self. Sometimes, you even find yourself not being entirely yourself around them. Give it a few months and it’ll all be okay!

7 challenges every newlywed girl faces

8. Being the newlywed dulhan

Familiar with the concept of nayi naveli dulhan? It’s all too real! You’re expected to be well turned out at all times, wearing impeccable clothes and flawless makeup. Not to forget the jewellery! Oh, how you miss lounging in your pyjamas is something you’ll only understand after the wedding.

9. I want some ME time!

Yeah, you love him but being with him all the time?! While you craved for this the entire time you were dating or during the courtship…with all the relatives, in-laws etc, it just feels a bit too overwhelming. Sometimes all you need is a good book and some quality time… ALL ALONE!

10. I miss you mom-dad

One could take on all the above challenges, but what about wanting to see your mom every morning? What about your evening chai time with dad and those fights with your younger brother? The first few months are hard that way. You miss your family and living with them. All that said, we just want to remind you that it’s just a matter of time before you’ll settle down in your new and fabulous life!


10 challenges every newlywed girl faces

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