17 Fun ‘How Well Do You Know Me’ Questions For Couples!

17 Fun ‘How Well Do You Know Me’ Questions For Couples!
A good understanding between you and your partner can take your relationship a long, long way. We have a fantastic and super fun idea to find out how well you know each other by simply throwing some questions around (and you can always take things up a notch by keeping score). So here are a few questions a couple should ask each other!

1. ‘When I am having a bad day, what instantly cheers me up?’

No points for guessing that my answer is chocolates, chocolates and chocolates (and a lil’ retail therapy of course)!

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2. ‘What makes me weak in the knees?’

Hello, dirty talking and much more! *Wink* 2 questions a couple should ask each other

3. ‘What trait of yours do you think I find annoying?’

This is actually a superb way to know how much knowledge he has of the things that tick you off!

4. ‘Am I a beach person or a hills person?’

Start planning your first trip together with this question. YAY!

5. ‘What are the three things that you think I can’t live without?’

Coffee, dancing and YOU. *Aww*

6. ‘What is my favourite cuisine?’

Because he ought to know what gets you drooling and you ought to know what makes his mouth water! 6 questions a couple should ask each other

7. ‘One sin I would not tolerate in relationships?’

It may be things like dishonesty, infidelity, etc. It’s always good to have your expectations clear and be on the same page when it comes to these things, wouldn't you agree?

8. ‘What do you think I like about you the most?’

As they say, mutual appreciation helps strengthen relationships!

9. ‘On our second date, we talked about what we think of keeping pets. Do you remember what I had said?’

Just to see if you both really remember the little things.

10. ‘Which movie actor do you think I have the hots for?’

Now you wouldn't regret that they never invited you to the sets of Koffee with Karan. 10 questions a couple should ask each other

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11. ‘What is the craziest thing that I have ever done?’

If your partner doesn’t quite know it already, help him discover the other side of you and show him your crazy side

12. ‘What role-play am I dying to try out with you?’

See how much he knows the *naughty* you!

13. ‘Whom do you think I pretend to like but secretly hate?’

Does he know your sneaky secrets?

14. ‘What makes my mouth water?’

Sugar? Yes, please. We are talking about desserts here. (Dirty mind!) 14 questions a couple should ask each other

15. ‘You know that I tell everyone my favourite movie is something else while actually it is...’

Well, he ought to know this one by now!

16. ‘What is my wildest fantasy?’

A great conversation starter for a steamy night. Hello, kinkiness!

17. ‘Lights on or off. What do you think I prefer?’

Step 1: Ask the question. Step 2: Switch on/ off the lights and get started! GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy