Move Over 'Are You Guys Serious?', Here Are 175 Interesting Questions To Ask Couples

Move Over 'Are You Guys Serious?', Here Are 175 Interesting Questions To Ask Couples

No matter how much we deny it, let's admit we’re all interested in others’ lives. Some of us might not want to know all the juicy and spicy details but some love to dig deeper. In case you’re looking for some interesting, personal, romantic and hypothetical questions to ask the couples you want to know more about, we’ve done the thinking for you. Here’s a list of 175 questions you can ask couples. Read on!

Deep Questions For Couples

Romantic Questions For Couples

Personal Questions For Couples

Relationship Hypothetical Questions For Couples

Questions For Married Couples

Deep Questions For Couples

Looking for some deep questions for couples to know what's actually in their mind? Worry not! We have got all such questions here for you.

1. Do you feel that you guys share the same values?

2. Do you feel that a couple’s finances should be kept separate or in a joint account?

3. Do you get insecure about each other’s friends of the opposite gender?

4. Do you gel well with each other’s friends?

5. Do you feel the need to tell your parents about your relationship?

6. Do your parents know about your relationship?

7. How well do you read each other’s body language?

8. How do you convey that you need some alone time?

9. How much space do you give each other?

10. How do you handle each other’s temper?

Deep questions for couples- 10

11. How often do you fight?

12. What all is off-limits in the relationship?

13. Have you ever felt jealous?

14. How do you console each other after a tiff?

15. How do you handle the situation when your partner is crying?

16. How do you feel about your partner’s closeness with their exes, if at all?

17. Do you share stories about the workplace with each other?

18. Do you ever panic if your partner is using your phone?

19. How much time into the relationship do you feel is the right time to meet each other’s parents?

20. What are the most difficult things to share with each other?

Deep questions for couples- 20

21. Have you ever considered an open relationship?

22. Do you know how much your partner earns?

23. Do you fully trust each other?

24. What is your partner’s worst habit?

25. When the two of you fight, who comes to console first?

26. Were you serious about each other from the very beginning?

27. What’s your opinion on long-distance relationships?

28. Have you ever experienced being in a long-distance relationship?

29. Do you share your deepest and darkest secrets with each other?

30. What do you dislike the most about each other?

Deep questions for couples- 30

31. What do you prefer: careful planning or the freedom to be spontaneous?

32. How do you revive your love and intimacy when things get boring or distant?

33. Have you ever had a fight in public?

34. How do you communicate a problem to each other?

35. What words do you avoid saying even in playfulness?

Romantic Questions For Couples

Go ahead and ask below mentioned romantic questions for couples to ooze some spark between them.

1. How much time do you spend together in a day?

2. How often do you go out on dates?

3. On a scale of one to ten, how well do you understand each other?

4. What is your idea of a good vacation?

5. How do you plan your vacations?

6. What are the best gifts you have given to each other?

7. What is the most expensive thing you’ve gifted each other?

8. How do you show your affection to each other?

9. What is the first thing you noticed about each other?

10. How did the two of you meet?

Romantic questions for couples- 10

11. How long have you been together?

12. Do you plan to get married?

13. Are you two serious about each other?

14. When do you plan to get married?

15. Would you like to adopt a pet together?

16. What do you admire the most about each other?

17. Where did you go for your first date?

18. What was the first movie you watched together?

19. Do you watch TV shows together?

20. What are the things you both have in common?

Romantic questions for couples- 20

21. Can the two of you recognize each other just by each other’s smell?

22. What is the sweetest thing you’ve done for each other?

23. Do you cook together?

24. How do you like to celebrate your anniversaries?

25. How do you feel about group vacations with other couples?

26. Which has been your best vacation to date?

27. Do you like having breakfast in bed?

28. What are the things that you do for each other even though you dislike them yourself?

29. What’s your favourite activity to do together?

30. Do you talk about getting married?

Romantic questions for couples- 30

31. How well do you bond with each other’s families?

32. Have you kept any nicknames for each other? If yes, what are they?

33. What’s your idea of an ideal Sunday?

34. Do you engage in PDA?

35. Do you eat each other’s leftovers?

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Personal Questions For Couples

Love knowing all the cheesy things that happen between a couple? Here are the personal questions for couples that you can ask.

1. How would you rate your kissing skills?

2. How often do you have sex in a week?

3. Do you like to roleplay?

4. On a scale of one to ten how good is the sex?

5. Do you like snuggling after sex?

6. Do you both like to sleep naked?

7. How important is physical chemistry in your relationship?

8. Do you go lingerie shopping together?

9. What are your opinions on threesomes?

10. Would you like to try BDSM?

Personal questions for couples- 30

11. What are your wildest fantasies about each other?

12. When was your first kiss?

13. When was the first time you had sex?

14. Have you tried anal sex?

15. Do you like oral sex?

16. Has either of you taken anyone else’s name while having sex?

17. What is the craziest place where you have had sex?

18. Do you prefer each other to shave their genital area often?

19. Do you go down on each other?

20. What’s your favourite couple of sex positions?

Personal questions for couples- 20

21. What about your partner turns you on the most?

22. What is your aphrodisiac?

23. How open are you to experimenting during sex?

24. Who among you prefers to be on top?

25. Do you watch porn together?

26. Is there anything about your sex life that makes you unhappy or uncomfortable?

27. What is something the two of you would never do while having sex?

28. What do you do when only one of you wants to have sex?

29. How do you manage your sex life if your schedules are very hectic?

30. Do you kiss each other in public?

Personal questions for couples- 10

31. Have you ever been caught in the act?

32. Have you ever tried strip poker?

33. Are you into morning sex?

34. Do you engage in phone sex?

35. Do you help each other undress before sex and dress up after having sex?

Relationship Hypothetical Questions For Couples

Trust us! You will love asking these hypothetical relationship questions and sure-shot their answers are going to be even more interesting. Here have a look at these hypothetical questions for couples.

1. Imagine you cheated on your partner. You felt extremely horrible the morning after and are convinced that you'd never do it again. Would you confess it to your partner anyway?

2. Imagine you fell in love with your partner’s best friend. How would you break it to them?

3. Imagine you had sex with your partner’s sibling. How would you handle the situation?

4. Imagine your parents walk in on you while you’re having sex with your partner. What would you do?

5. Imagine you are getting married and one night before the wedding day you get to know that your partner is cheating on you. What would you do?

6. Imagine you love your partner to bits but the sex isn’t good enough. Would you tell them?

7. Imagine you lied to your partner about staying indoors and then crashed into them at a party. What would you do?

8. Imagine you and your partner are on vacation and their sibling surprises you there. How would you handle it?

9. Imagine you drunk dial your ex and your current partner hears the entire conversation. How do you handle the mess?

10. Imagine you’re having sex with your partner. You end up calling them with someone else’s name. How would you mend things?

Hypothetical questions for couples- 10

11. Imagine you could go back in time and meet your partner again. What would you do differently?

12. Imagine you could change one thing about your partner. What would it be?

13. Imagine you and your partner are married. One day you’re robbed and lose your fortune. Would you still want to be together?

14. If you could access one social media app of your partner without them having to know about it, which one would it be?

15. If you could trade places with your partner for a day, what would you do?

16. If you could permanently eliminate one person from your partner’s life, who would it be and why?

17. Would you kill 10 innocent people just to save your partner’s life?

18. Would you dump your partner if your celebrity crush wanted to date you?

19. Imagine your partner murdered someone. Would you save them from going behind bars?

20. Would you break up with your partner if someone offers you Rs 100 crore?

Hypothetical questions for couples- 20

21. If at all your partner had a medical condition because of which they couldn't have sex with you, would you still be with them?

22. Imagine your partner gets amnesia. Would you still be with them?

23. Would you give up your pet for your partner if at all they were allergic to it?  

24. If you and your partner were stuck on a deserted island together and there was only one slice of pizza left. Would you give it to them or would you secretly eat it yourself?

25. If you developed superpowers and were sworn to keep them a secret from everybody. Would you reveal it to your partner anyway?

26. If you had the power to read your partner's mind, would you use it without their permission?

27. If your partner begged you to get a weird looking tattoo of their face on your arm, would you go through with it?

28. If you could go to jail for something that your partner did so that they would be able to keep living their life, would you go?

29. If your partner had the opportunity to kiss their favourite singer, would you give them the concert pass?

30. If your parents forced you to choose between having them in your life and having your partner in your life, who would you choose?

Hypothetical questions for couples- 30

31. Would you rather be poor but in love or be rich but not have your partner?

32. Would you donate their kidney if your partner needs one urgently for a life or death operation?

33. If your partner’s life were a novel for you to write, what would be its title?

34. Would you rather marry your ex or let your partner marry theirs?

35. If you were to kiss one of your partner’s friends, who would it be?

Questions For Married Couples

Life changes after marriage, but to know if love changes or not, you can ask below-mentioned questions for married couples. Have a look!

1. Do you divide your chores?

2. Do you love kids?

3. Who among you loves kids more?

4. Do you go grocery shopping together?

5. Are you planning to have kids?

6. When are you planning to have a baby?

7. How well do you get along with your in-laws?

8. How often do your in-laws visit you?

9. Do you live with your in-laws?

10. How do you feel about adoption?

Questions for married couples- 10

11. How many kids do you want (if any)?

12. Where did you go for your honeymoon?

13. Where are you planning to go for your honeymoon?

14. Did you buy rings for each other together?

15. Was yours a love or arranged marriage?

16. Did your parents agree immediately when you told them your plans to get married?

17. What hurdles did you face before you got married?

18. Was he/she the first person you met at a ‘Rishta meeting’?

19. Were there any differences of opinion before you got married?

20. Did you plan your wedding together?

Questions for married couples- 20

21. Do see any changes in your partner after marriage?

22. Has sex changed after marriage?

23. How do you manage finances together?

24. How many vacations do you take together?

25. How many vacations do you take with each other’s families?

26. What are the most common topics for the fights between you two?

27. Do you fast together?

28. Do you fast for each other?

29. Do you check each other’s phone?

30. Who proposed?

Questions for married couples- 30

31. Which physical features of each other would you wish your future child would inherit?

32. Which family member of your spouse to do gel with the most?

33. How comfortable are you with your spouse going out for parties will their office colleagues?

34. Is it okay for your spouse to work late nights?

35. Describe your spouse in one word.

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