Dear Boyfriend, 10 Ways To Cheer Me Up When I’m Mad At You!

Dear Boyfriend, 10 Ways To Cheer Me Up When I’m Mad At You!
Dear Boyfriend, So many times when I am mad at you, I just want you to show me that you are genuinely sorry and that you care. However, I don’t always want to spell it out for you. So here’s how to cheer me up and make me smile when I am mad at you. From your mad-but-not-too-mad-at-you Girlfriend

1. Sugar? Yes please

Treat me to some yummy chocolate, red velvet and vanilla cupcakes. Something sweet and lip smacking will surely put a smile on my face and instantly uplift my mood.
Fun fact: Food is the way to a girl’s heart as well!

2. Say sorry and mean it

Yes, it’s that simple. Saying sorry when you did something (even if it wasn’t intentional) that put me in a bad mood, makes all the difference in the world. Sometimes, I just want to hear that you are genuinely feeling apologetic for upsetting me, so that I can revert to my normal happy self. 2 how to cheer me up

3. Flowers always work

Get a bunch of my favourite flowers delivered to my place and abracadabra… My anger will disappear within minutes! Also Read: How To Control Anger

4. Make me laugh

If the matter isn’t too grave, then show me your funny side, crack some jokes or tickle me and make me laugh! Amidst those giggles, I’ll probably forget why I was mad at you in the first place. 4 how to cheer me up

5. Let me express myself

At times I need to let you know how I am really feeling. Me talking about it may not solve the problem altogether but if you would just hear me out, I would feel so much better. So, the next time I am mad at you just lend me a patient ear and I promise, being a good listener will pay!

6. Send me a cute text

Send me a cutesy romantic text or remind me of some great times that we’ve had together or you could tell me how much you hate it when I am upset. I don’t always need you to say the word ‘sorry’, I can read between the lines and tell when you are genuinely trying to cheer me up.
6 how to cheer me up

7. A little surprise works wonders

It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, it can be something as small as bringing me food from my fav Chinese restaurant or buying me those pretty pair of earrings that I have been eyeing. I don’t really care too much about the gift, it is your intent that counts.

8. Give me a big, warm and fuzzy hug

…Because hugs are known to relieve stress and release endorphins - it’ll make me feel lighter and happier. A solution backed by science - just for you baby! 8 how to cheer me up

9. Whisk me away to my happy place

A long drive, my favourite cafe, a cute movie or just a golgappa outing… Any place that you know makes me happy.

10. Retail therapy FTW!

When all else fails, just take me out shopping and try to actually be involved in the process. My anger will melt right away! 10 how to cheer me up GIFs: Giphy