11 Things EVERY Girl Needs To Know Before Getting A Bikini Wax

11 Things EVERY Girl Needs To Know Before Getting A Bikini Wax
Planning a beach vacay with bae but worried about hair ‘down there’? If you’re a first timer when it comes to getting a bikini wax, there’s no reason to be THAT nervous. It’s better to know what you’re in for, you’ll be calmer if you know what to expect in advance. So here are a few things you need to know before going for a bikini wax. Take a deep breath, ladies, it’ll be over before you know it!

1. Let it grow

Your hair should be at least a quarter of an inch long. Do not shave before you go for a bikini wax because the wax can’t pick up extremely short hair. Your esthetician will have to wax multiple times in the same spot to get rid of the hair and that’s going to hurt. So, it’s better to let them be.

2. Be clean

It’s extremely important for you to take a shower before you go to the salon. You’ll feel and smell nice down there and your esthetician will be thanking you for cleaning up, believe us on this. 2 bikini wax

3. Trim your hair

Don’t shave, ‘trim’ your hair before going to get a Brazilian. The longer the hair, the more it’s going to hurt while getting waxed. Trimming the hair a bit, makes it easier to get it waxed and hurts less, too. If you’re not sure about the length, then let it be and ask your esthetician to trim the hair before she gets down to the main thing.

4. How much hair do you want to remove?

You can actually choose whether you want to go completely bare down there, or you can opt for a little ‘landing strip’ if you don’t want to get everything waxed. So give it a thought before your appointment.
4 bikini wax

5. You’ll be completely exposed

Girls, you’re going for a bikini wax, it’s quite obvious that you’ll be naked from the waist down in front of your esthetician. That’s not all, she’ll require you to spread and stretch your legs in different directions and she’ll pretty much have to touch you everywhere. But, don’t worry, she’s a professional and has been waxing that area for a long time. There’s no need to be nervous, she most probably does this several times a day. Trust us, after the first time, you’ll probably not feel those inhibitions as much.

6. Small hair can be tweezed

Remember, when you get your underarms waxed and your parlour lady gets down to business with a pair of tweezers if she sees tiny hair lurking around? Well, you can expect a similar thing happening with your pubic area as well. So, girls, be prepared! 6 bikini wax

7. It’s important to exfoliate

You should exfoliate once in awhile to prevent ingrown hair. You can either go ahead with body washes that have scrubbing beads or with a homemade scrub, whatever suits you best.

8. No workout for 24 hours

It’s better that you don’t exercise or have sex for at least 24 hours after getting a bikini wax. It’s because that area might be all red, sore and slightly bumpy from being waxed. It’s better to not get all sweaty down there just after you’ve gotten waxed, especially if it’s your first time.
8 bikini wax

9. Keep your period in mind

It’s better to not get a bikini wax at least three days before your period starts. Menstruation increases the sensitivity level of your pubic area and there’s no need to add to the pain. Also, don’t book your appointment during your period because, well, hygiene is also an essential part of getting waxed.

10. Be comfortable

You’re going to be super sensitive down there and it’s best for you to opt for clothes that are airy and preferably cotton. Tight clothes might irritate your pubic area and itching can lead to rashes. We bet you won’t want that. 10 bikini wax

11. It does hurt!

This is something you already know but we’re giving you a heads up, anyway. It’s going to hurt but the good part is, pain is only temporary! It’s better to opt for a Brazilian than shaving and dealing with bushy hair or worse, ingrown hair. You can also take a painkiller before getting waxed, but that’s totally up to you. Try and listen to music to distract your mind away from the pain. The good thing is it’ll be over within 15 minutes! Images: ShutterstockGiphy