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<strong>How Often Should You Shave Your Face? An Expert Weighs In</strong>

How Often Should You Shave Your Face? An Expert Weighs In

Painless, fuss-free, quick and effective–that’s face shaving for you. A few glides of the razor and tadaa your glowy, buttery-smooth skin is ready for seamless makeup application. Every makeup enthusiast would agree that life’s better without peach fuzz making your base look uneven. 

But while shaving can help you get rid of them, there’s a teeny-tiny glitch involved. It does not give you a full-fledged riddance from your facial-hair woes, just like most of the other grooming methods. The hair grows back and needs to be shaved again. Now, this brings us to the big question—how often should you shave your facial hair? We got in touch with Dr Noopur Jain, Dermatologist & Founder, Founder Skinzest, Gurgaon to find out. Here’s all you need to know about developing a face-shaving routine that works best for you:

Factor In Your Hair Growth 


A shaving routine is like couture. It has to be customised as per your needs and preferences. “The frequency of shaving depends on the rate of hair growth. It can vary from once every two days to once every three weeks,” says Dr Noopur. “A person with dense or faster hair growth may feel the need to shave every other day, while a person with scanty growth can go on without shaving for weeks,” she adds.

Refrain From Making It A Daily Ritual


If your facial hair grows back faster, you might be tempted to grab a razor every day to get rid of the small hair. But Dr Noopur advices against it. “Shaving removes a layer of skin cells along with the hair. If you do it every day, you may end up damaging the skin barrier that protects the deeper layers of the skin. These layers are more prone to damage from the sun, heat, and pollution when exposed directly. This can cause pigmentation and early signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines,” she explains.


The Wait Is Worth It


One of the best advantages of shaving is that it boosts skin cell regeneration and prevents signs of ageing. But it boils down to keeping adequate gaps between your shaving sessions. Dr Noopur suggests doing it once a month. “This can give your skin enough time to heal, generate new skin cells, and keep skin damage at bay,” she says. Secondly, it can give you a closer shave. Body hair takes almost a month to grow fully. Removing full-grown hair can also lead to a cleaner shave and keep your skin smooth for longer,” she adds.

How To Do It Right


Monthly, weekly, or biweekly, you need to ensure that you do it right. Dr Noopur explains how:

Step1: Exfoliate

Use a gentle scrub to exfoliate your skin before shaving. This can prevent ingrowns, loosen the hair follicle, and help remove the hair easily.

Step 2: Use A Shaving Barrier

Shaving dry skin can irritate it and lead to cuts, burns, and redness due to excess friction. Use a shaving cream or a gentle cleanser like Sirona’s Vitamin C Face Wash to lubricate the skin. Packed with natural ingredients like Tasmanian pepper fruit and licorice root extract, it can remove impurities while being gentle on the skin.


Step 3: Use A Sharp-Edge Razor

Single-blade razors with a sharp edge can give you a close shave and prevent cuts and burns. We recommend Sirona’s Blink & Glow Facial Razor for the job. It’s stainless steel blade comes with a tooth-protection guard that can keep you safe from cuts. It also has an anti-slip grip handle and can move through the contours of your face easily. Just hold the skin taut and shave in the direction of the hair and you’ll be good to go .

Step 4: Moisturise Your Skin

Freshly-shaven skin is sensitive and prone to damage. However, moisturising it with Sirona’s Vitamin C facial cream can help nourish your skin by restoring its moisture. Made with hyaluronic acid and Tasmanian pepper fruit, it can work like a soothing balm for your fresh skin and make it glow.

Shaving is a harmless hair removal method. But it’s important to plan your shaving routine factoring in your hair growth and renewal time for your skin. Your sensitive skin need some TLC. So stop everything else and get working boo!

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08 Apr 2022

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