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Bikini Wax Virgin? 10 Things EVERY Bride-To-Be Should Know!

Bikini Wax Virgin? 10 Things EVERY Bride-To-Be Should Know!

Never gotten a bikini wax done in your life? Well then, getting one before your wedding is going to be your first! Since you’ve never done it before, the experience may not be as fun as you expect it to be. However, once you notice how smooth and soft it feels down there after the area is fuzz-free, all the effort will be worth it! Here are 10 important things every bride should know about bikini wax. (You’ve got this, girl!)

1. The Perfect Timing

1 things every bride should know about bikini wax Keeping in mind that this is your first bikini wax experience, it’s best not to get it done a week before your wedding day. We want you to know that when it’s done for the first time, waxing down there could leave the area tender, sore and itchy. This could cause great discomfort on your big day. It’s safe to start at the least three months before your shaadi, and then continue to go for multiple sessions. You see, doing it more often, makes the hair follicles weaker, finer and easier to pull out. Thus, making the whole process less painful.

2. Don’t Do It When You’re Close To That Time Of The Month

When you’re on your period or expecting it in the next few days, getting a bikini wax done is not the best decision to make. That’s the time your skin is most sensitive. Just imagine the amount of pain you’ll put yourself through on those five days. Our advice - don’t mess with Aunt Flow!

3. You’re Going To Be Exposed From The Bottom

3 things every bride should know about bikini wax Like it or not, but your lower half is going to be fully exposed. Nothing to feel embarrassed about! It’s the beautician’s job and she’s going to do her best to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

4. Cleanliness Is The Best Policy!

Before you go for your bikini wax appointment, it’s important to take a shower and wash your intimate area till it's squeaky clean. You’ll feel less conscious, much relaxed and pumped to get done with that bikini wax session!

5. Inspect The Salon

5 things every bride should know about bikini wax From the type of equipment your beautician uses to the sheets you rest your body on, everything needs to look and feel clean. If the room makes you feel uncomfortable, you can request the beautician to change the sheets and use a room freshener. The last thing you want to deal with is a nasty infection due to poor hygiene conditions.

6. Stay Calm And Breath!

You want us to be honest with you? It’s going to hurt... but only for abit, we swear! The best thing you can do while she’s waxing is to distract yourself. Concentrate on your breathing and think positive. Focus on the results, we say. In minutes, you’ll be having a squeaky clean and smooth bikini area!

7. Cut Off From Caffeine, Alcohol and Aerated Drinks

7 things every bride should know about bikini wax Sure caffeine and alcohol can take away the stress, but it does more harm than good for your skin. Consuming these drinks can cause skin pores to tighten up and make the hair removal process more painful that it already is. Stick to water. It helps keep your skin moist, hydrated and smooth.

8. Avoid Distracting The Beautician

When the beautician is at work, don’t distract her by talking to her. Don’t correct her ways, because she’s a trained professional. Interfering with her when she’s on the job can cause her to make a mistake which could lead to great discomfort and cause irritation to your skin.

9. Know Your Waxing Style

9 things every bride should know about bikini wax There are two popular waxing styles, brazilian and bikini. The bikini wax involves taking off the hair on your bikini line. It simply just tidies up the area around your panty-line making it appear trimmed and neat. Brazilian on the other hand, is all about waxing the entire bikini area. In some instances, some trimmed hair is left in the front just to make it look as natural as possible. Know the difference!

10. Know How To Soothe The Area After The Session

Post-waxing care is most important part of the session! The area looks clean and feels so smooth! However, you have to learn how to take care of your skin. Soothe the area by moisturizing your skin regularly. Stay away from soaps, shower gels and bathing in hot water to avoid irritating the skin down there. You can reduce any redness or blotchy skin post waxing by rubbing some ice on the area.   Images: Shutterstock
Published on Mar 30, 2017
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