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5 Post-Threading Tips To Soothe Inflamed and Irritated Skin

5 Post-Threading Tips To Soothe Inflamed and Irritated Skin

One visit to the salon, and I’m returning home with cuts bordering the brows, inflamed upper-lips, and a bump-ridden spot in place of my sideburns. Yeah—well-shaped eyebrows accompanied by coveted arches cost. And so does grooming any other part of the face. But that’s what threading does to my skin; and it’s a non-negotiable act of self-care I must go through with every few weeks. And I’m pretty sure a lot of you have had to deal with this issue as well. That’s why I’ve rounded up a couple of post-threading tips that might just relieve your pain and discomfort.

Threading After-Care 101


Wash Your Face

After you’re home, make sure you’re washing your face with cold water to soothe and calm the skin.

Ice The Area

Once you’ve had your brows, upper-lips, and other parts of your face groomed, you must refrain from touching them with your fingers. Your pores are open at this point of time, and any transfer of bacteria or oils from your fingers can further irritate the spots. If irritation and redness persist, try applying a ice-pack wrapped in a cloth—or an ice-cube—to the offending spot for a few minutes. It’s extremely effective, and it costs nothing.

Apply A Cooling Gel

You can follow this step up by massaging a cooling cream/gel/spray into the area to soothe the skin—something aloe-based, cucumber-based, or plant-derived.

Spritz Some Rose Water

This is another option. This elixir is infused with antibacterial properties that can soothe the skin, prevent swelling, and reduce redness. Just dab/spray a little bit after your session to minimise discomfort.

Amp Up The Hydration

You can hydrate your skin with a lightweight moisturiser too. Avoid makeup for a couple of days—just until the skin has healed. Even heavy day-time or night-time creams and perfumed or alcohol-based products could act as potential irritants. Steer clear of them for a bit.

Sun-Proof Your Skin

Try avoiding stepping out into direct sunlight for a bit after threading. This can irritate your skin further, and lead to rashes on the skin. If you do have to step out for some reason, lather on a sunscreen to sun-proof your face. Avoid steaming, saunas, and pools in general.

And that’s it!

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25 May 2022

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