19 Naughty Thoughts Every Girl Has When Her Boyfriend Is Away!

19 Naughty Thoughts Every Girl Has When Her Boyfriend Is Away!
Having bae away is one of the saddest feelings in the world! When he is out of town or just simply busy with other things, though we are understanding, we just can’t help but miss him! Miss him both emotionally and physically! *Wink* Here are 19 slightly naughty thoughts girls have when their boyfriends are away!

1. I wonder what he is upto, does he miss me?

2. I bet he's just as horny as I am after so many days!

2 naughty thoughts girls have

3. I wish he’d suddenly appear and kiss me like crazy!

4. Should I send him a dirty text? Let me Google some ideas!

4 naughty thoughts girls have

5. With maybe a dirty picture...he’d be so happy!

6. Gosh, I can’t wait to spend the night with him again.

6 naughty thoughts girls have

7. Maybe I should buy some sexy lingerie and surprise him!

8. I wish I could just see him naked right now!

8 naughty thoughts girls have

9. And cuddle with him under a blanket. And then maybe do other things too.

10. *While stalking him on Instagram* I have one sexy man to call mine! WHY isn't he here?!

10 naughty thoughts girls have

11. I could do with a nice, hot make out session right now! Or two, actually. *Wink*

12. I should check out a few naughty moves on the internet while I am at it.

12 naughty thoughts girls have

13. Oh, that looks hot, definitely trying it next time! Would it be weird if I tag him in this?

14. I wonder if he is thinking about me right now… Maybe I should remind him what he's missing?

14 naughty thoughts girls have

15. Should I just call him? Just for some sexy time?

16. Phone sex! Aw, yeah! I'm sure he'll be totally up for it.

16 naughty thoughts girls have

17. I should wear something naughty just to get in the mood! And then maybe we can FaceTime too!

18. I miss his tongue in all the places it could possibly reach!

18 naughty thoughts girls have

19. Oh! He messaged! I am gonna tell him how much I want his arms wrapped around me!

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